Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kim Noorda & Vogue: "More & Less"

Holy thinspirational notness, I never in a million years would have picked Kim Noorda to be the one that's being profiled about an eating disorder story in Vogue's April issue but then again her weight has fluctuated a lot and there was a point where she was incredibly skinny so it's not totally overwhelming. *NOTE: omfg, I just thought about model's with dramatic weight losses...eating disorders or just some good ol help from one of cindy crawford's gym videos?*
You know, I'm truly proud of one of my fave gurls in the bizz (yes, I have a heart. Cold, but a heart) speaking up and talking about the horrific condition she's had to endeavor. I feel so sad since she's one of my faves. What's really striking is that although you're average papi chulo down the street would think she has it all, it's obvious she lacks confidence and is characterized as insecure. She seems very critical about her weight. I always thought she was this shy skinny girl, who obviously has the looks, but little did I know that she was suffering from an eating disorder for so long. It's just so shocking hearing this come from one of the top models I see on a fashion week basis. Anyways, To read Kim Noorda's diary and feature in Vogue's April issue, Click HERE.
It's obvious she was at her smallest weight around the Spring/Summer 2008 ready to wear & haute couture shows:
Whereas now, she appears a lot much healthier at the Fall/Winter 2010 shows from a couple of weeks ago:
I really hope Kim progresses positively and wins this battle with her disorder and I really hope this doesn't affect her career in the industry.

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