Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why oh why haven't I seen this Chloe commercial?

oooh child...why oh why didn't my gay ass see this before? I mean I knew about this Chloe campaign with Clemence Poesy, Anja Rubik (my fave), and beautifulness sleepy eye Chloe Sevigny in print but how the fuck did I miss the commercial?

You know those days when you stayed home in elementary school on a rainy day just because it was raining and you didn't wanna get a cold but got fucked over at school by some piggy tail wearing troll by telling you the juicy shit you missed at lunch the other day and then you end up feeling left out? yeah...this is one of those times. Now excuse me while I take off my shirt, play "lets make love and listen to death from above" by CSS, and start shaking my hair.

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Katnani said...

I missed it too, Tony, don't feel alone! :S Sometimes we are blind...