Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best Dressed At Coachella: Katy Perry

Finally I was able to spot a damn designer piece in this whole cluster fuck of hipsters at Coachella. Meet Katy Perry. Many of you know her as the pussy muncher (and dick muncher of Russell Brand or whatever his hairy name is) that likes to sing about kissing girls and getting cray cray in vegas but I know her as the WTF of what I like to classify as a "whatever" celeb in the media. Never got her appeal, never will. Bitch dresses like Betty page's cousin that got stuck with a ticket to IHOP after Betty made it big. Anyways, I think I might love her now....homegurl wore Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 and it looks GORGEOUS outside of the runway.
that neon yellow with that nude....stunning. And on the runway on Imogen...
That's that. She's getting my vote for best dressed at Coachella. Vuitton beats everything. Plus, looks fabulous with those hot pink gladiator sandals.

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