Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gisele get's Cavalli Fall/Winter 2010. How Shocking *rolls eyes*

ugh it's true, it's bloody true! Damn Gisele nabbed the Cavalli Fall/Winter 2010 campaign all after poppin some chilren out of her vadge. I could care less if this was Just Cavalli, fronted by Kate last season, but mainline? I LOVED that collection so I expected Roberto picking one of my usual favorites but Gisele? Boring ass Gisele? She's so overrated. Ok, she's a great model, but Gisele? I feel like they're only choosing her after having a baby and having all this "hype" to be the forefront stunner she is. Idk, I rather would've had someone else. Now, go grab me a bag of Doritos (the red bag. I finished a whole huge one all by myself at my sisters) while we read the confirming news via Fashionologie:

"Givenchy, too, is rumored to be going with a trio of female models — Ming Xi, Joan Smalls, and Mariacarla Boscono — joined by a few male models in front of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott's lens. But the trio trend breaks there — word going around is that Meisel captured 12 girls for Balenciaga,including Finnish newcomer Kirsi Pyrhonen, and Roberto Cavalli is going solo with Gisele Bundchen shot by Mert and Marcus."
Damn you Gisele, damn you gurl!...
Let's pretend some bitch asked me "so Tony, who would you love to front that campaign?"
Me: "ummm....me? Oh i kid betch. How about Kasia? She opened, I love her, she's fierce, she's perfection for Cavalli". Just look at her at Cavalli...
Perfection. Or mayber either Natasha, Siri, Elsa, or Sasha. Period.


Katnani said...

I completely agree with you Tony! Blah, so tired of Gisele already! Never got the hype! Yeah, she's a great model, but she doesn't need to be everywhere!!! And she doesn't match the collection at ALL! I was expecting someone fresher... Natasha would look great! Or maybe Magdalena!


Le Club Kid said...

gurl, Magda would've been perfect as well. Seriously, I feel like Gisele is everywhere right now..and it needs to stop..like.......NOW.