Monday, April 5, 2010

The Morning Benders-Excuses

Somebody please explain to me why the fuck I'm awake right now when I should be sleeping since I have to go back to school at 8 after a long break thanks to Spring Break. I'm currently thinking of purchasing of shirt at Urban (Kelvin, if ur reading this since I know I'm prettier than you and're obsessed with me, I think I'm getting the same blue shirt from Urban that you got), looking at minnetonka shoes, and currently singing along to "Excuses" by The Morning Benders.
I can't believe I just discovered them the other night! I'm obsessed with them but "Excuses" has to be my fave song from them atm. I'm the only one at home with lights on and using my crack voice to it's fullest potential and singing along while my whole familia is sleeping like a damn cow herd. Oh, and I'm finishing up homework.

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Kelvy Poly said...

I'm obsessed gurl! How did you know? Gurl you a gypsy or somethin??

Ewww idk everything sticks to the shirt (e.g. the wool from sweaters) and shit like that. It's stiff and EVERYTHING sticks to it.