Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paris Hilton has landed at Coachella!

While i'm here at home in my chonies and eating some mint milanos, everybody who's anybody is at Coachella sharing peen and vajayjay and sweating like massive pigs. Yep, I wish I was there too. I really do. Shit, I would go there if:
a) I had a ride
b) I didn't have loser friends who can't go cause they don't have money or they can't go because their parents are lame as hell
other than that, I woulda been wearin my finest get go outfit while dancin my ass off to passion pit and hot chip. Anyways, the empress has arrived ya'll. No not Danny Devito, he's there too, but my gurl Paris la exotic Hilton
Always gotta keep lookin good. ugh fml.

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