Sunday, May 2, 2010

12 Girls for Balenciaga!! MY GAWD!

If you've been on The Imagist or Fashionologie, then you know by now that Balenciaga is casting 12 girls in their fall/winter 2010 campaign. No not 10. No, not 15. No, not 20. It's 12. The same number of STDS Lindsey Lohan has had. Oh me and my jokes. ha. ha. ha. Anyways, so which two oldies, I mean veterans, are already casted? None other than Stella Tennant & Karen Elson. Now the question were all craving to get answerd: Who the fuck are the other 10 girls? Anabela....where the fuck are you?!?!
From TI:
TI has been trying to practice extreme discipline regarding the FW 10 campaign bookings because even as the consumer aches to know who's doing what even before the " what" is shot, the gatekeepers have been moving the chess pieces around with a new degree of cleverness. Some modern houses like Chanel and Donna Karan embrace the lust for information and others like YSL who until this morning held their Daria casting into the highest realm of high secrecy. Others are going to keep you guessing till the last minute. Take Balenciaga for instance...12 girls...some iconic and some obscure, girls of the moment and fallen girls the team loves regardless. But who will make the final cut? As such no-one can dare to accurately predict what that final edit will look like. Then there's the triumphant return of Gisele to the blue chip campaign market, a change-up to another iconic face at Gucci, 5 girls at Givenchy and 3 at Valentino as well as Lanvin , and multiple girls at Versace mixing Top 50 forces with newly breaking stars. Most intriguing of all is the Prada which by now must have managed to put hundreds of girls on hold with that curious requirement that the models boast some kind of singing talent. What could it all mean? Maybe that the RED camera is the future. And as for that late-90's moment that got sparked off at Calvin with the appearances of Stella, Tanga and Kirsten ? Well it seems the feeling has spilled over into an extravaganza of a sitting for that certain blue chip bible that is set to resurrect some of your favorite faces from the 1996-2001 time frame. And the whole point is to defy prediction. Stay tuned.

So who do I want the other 10 girls to be?
Numero uno uno UNO is Anabela Belikova. like....duh.
She definitely has a chance to be there. HELLO, she did do the Fall/Winter 2007 campaign and Spring/Summer 2009 Balenciaga campaigns. She's truly a Balenciaga girl so she'd definitely fit in perfectly. Plus, she looked stunning in that pastel blue dress at the show.
I'm also trying to think what girls of the moment and what "fallen girls" could be fronting this campaign? idk for "fallen" girls, but I'd love to see Irina back.
Freja, who I love, seems like a perfect candidate as well. She's one of the girls of the moment and has a Balenciaga campaign under her belt.
Oh and add Hanne Gaby Odiele & Elsa Sylvan and I'd be the happiest slut ever.

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