Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bye Bye Good ol' Iphone. Miss Yah Boo.

My one and true original partner in crime is long gone. All those days I'd cheat in math class, gossip while reading in class, call Kelvina to talk about our homo of the weak, use grindr for shits and giggles while me and Kelvin are at Panda binging our asses off, go on DListed just to see papi chulo Hugh Jackman, and call the blonde bitch for a ride are all past gone.
So basically, my ass was invited to my friend's birthday party. No, if you're thinking some cholos showed up and were saying "ey foo, there's your boyfriend" to their homies while suddenly someone breaks my phone then you're completely false with the situation. So I basically pulled a Whitney Houston. I had cracked. Like, ok, my mother (sounds classier, no?) was calling me and apparently I was in trouble just for not answering her phone calls on time. I kept calling back home to let her know where exactly I was at until I "snapped" and threw my phone to the floor. You know like in the movies. The horror! ugh, never ever ever ever ever pulling an "academy worthy moment" again. For the love of muah, why the fuck did I do that? So in the end, I need a new phone. Crackberry or a new Iphone? You all know I LOVE my iphone. That shit is my number one love. To cause me even more pain, I'm using some shitty flip phone. Oh and did I mention the flip phone doesn't have text messaging and only has calling for emergencies?!?!? Yeah, life's a bitch. Only contact I have with most of my friends now is through facebook. FML.

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