Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Can Finally Die In Peace. FINALLY Found That Damn Versace Song.

Sing after me ya'll "Blue eyes, pink lips, ugg boots, and lots of passion". I finally found that damn Versace song! ooooh ma lawd! Ok ok ok ok.....yeah...umm...let's take out those damn pastel tops, lip gloss your whole damn cock sucking lips, and let's mince like were damn Kasia Struss and Vlada Roslyakova mkay!
Remember that second song from Versace's Spring/Summer 2010 show? Well, everybody was selling crack and screaming like kids just to find out what song that was. Catchy? oh yes gurl. Thankfully, somebody on Youtube found the song and it's called !Franchesckaar! by Charli XcX. Here ya go:
Now excuse me while I purge out all my taquitos and burritos from El Torrito in my toilet and then mince the streets while in my latest pastel overload and pretending I'm Kasia Struss. Oh and remember "blue eyes, pink lips, ugg boots, and lots of passion".

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Anonymous said...

who sings it? They deleted it?