Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Officially Prom!!

Well at my school and especially not for me considering I'm still a Junior, but I've been asking every person I know that's going "So ummm.....what are you going to wear?".
There's no question regarding if I'm a materialistic whore and if I do or don't care about looks, so ofcourse I'm asking every Tom, Dick, and Harry at my escuela (school in spanish. Had to be creative in this damn post somehow) what gorgeous gorjasmic (my fag in crime made that up) outfit they'll be taking off later while losing their virginity. So ummm yeah....i can't go but umm let's pretend I'm sucking Andre Leon Talley's big 'ol cock (hello, he's black and once you go black you neva' go back ya'll)which allows me to wear dozens and dozens of gorgeous dresses and Trevor Donovan asked me to prom. So which dresses would I choose from to wear to prom while my sexy Trevor Donovan (google that bitch! google that hot piece of fine meat! panty creamer of the year!) wears good ol' quintessential Dolce? Actually, from which labels would I choose? I mean there's tons of labels all around the world, but what two distinct labels are so "me"? The fashion label Valentino synonymous with a luxury, decadent, expensive, and glamourous appeal, has to be number two. It's the go to brand when it comes to looking glamorous and it's perfection connection when it comes to prom. Hello, it's not hard knowing that it's one of the fashion houses known for party & evening dresses. When I think of events such as prom, I don't necessarily think about breaking boundaries. It's one of those events where it's all about looking gorgeous no matter what. It's about looking your best, yes being fashion forward, but not trendy. Lets do a little recap of what Valentino dresses I'd love to wear (btw, it was SO hard choosing from dozens of dresses so trust me these aren't all the one's I'd choose):
So who's numero uno? Number one, hands down, has got to go to papi chulo Karl's work at Chanel. I even wanna wear Chanel when I die. Don't we all? omfg, if I could wear anything to prom from Chanel, it would so be this:
ugh, give me Natasha's body and that dress from Chanel Spring/Summer 2007 and i swear no bitch would have anything on me. I'd actually do that look head to toe. I mean, it's black and simple yet it's overall execution is perfection.
Well what's the point of this post? yeah...i'm bored as hell bitches. ugh, i'm craving cock and clothes. And dresses. There's no limit to loving dresses. I seriously want Snejana's or Natasha's body by prom next year and that black Chanel dress and I swear i'd be flawless you skanks. ugh, I'd be so bringing boys to the yard looking like that.

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