Sunday, May 2, 2010

Latest Purchases: Miu Miu Glasses & Minnetonka Moccasins

I should be doing my english essay on comparing and contrasting two characters from the Great Gatsby that was past due but fuck it. I'll finish it in 40 mins. I'll just do a quickie post on what I've bought as of late. Plus, wtf would Madonna do?!? What would miss material bitch do? Hw or blog about her shopping adventures? I'm sure she'd pick the blogging, but she'd blog about what creams make her dusty vadge easier and smoother for male models to play with. I don't think i've mentioned on here but I'm like kinda blind. FUCK, I have to wear glasses. I know, I know....depressing, no? Well I wasn't going to choose Dolce or D&G or Chanel ones because we all know every 17 year old owns a pair of those. So being the "out there one", I opted for Miu Miu glasses. Aren't they cute? Yes, they're green. Don't hate. Suck it bitch.
Anyways I need new comfortable shoes so I also got Minnetonka ankle boots.
Unfortunately, the shoes don't fit me. They're too big. I'll return them later in the upcoming week for a size 10 in womens. Well that's that. Shopaholics unite.

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George Kilm said...

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