Sunday, May 2, 2010

Naomi on Oprah: The Career, The Men (my favorite), Her New Love....Basically fucking Naomi Campbell.

I'm ditching the cholas after school and heading straight to my tv with two cans of Diet coke and a bag of cheetos just to watch this shit (sorry Ty Ty, i'm switching you till 4). Yes, I love Naomi. Yes, I love big fat Oprah. Now combine the two...and whala! Two black goddesses in one yappin yappin yappin!
Dang! Even big ol Oprah made here sign that damn phone pledge! You know Naomi threw her phone at Oprah backstage just for making her do all these "requests". Oh!....The fuck...Naomi drives? since when? I'm pretty sure she has her own chauffeur in every damn town, no?

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