Thursday, June 24, 2010

D&G Spring/Summer 2011: Picnic Time!

Let's just say it's very "cute college boys or some sexy bitches from the Hamptons or Connecticut are going to a picnic" and this is what they'd wear.
Not my cup of tea and it's a little boring for my personal taste, but I'm really interested because if it's this visible what the inspiration is, then I'm so interested as to how the womenswear is going to look like. I can already picture an all green ensemble consisting of a skirt with pleats and a polo on Snejana while wearing flat and a huge ass tote. Yeah, that's what I'm crossing my legs & fingers in hope of that happening. Oh and some sunnies cause homegurl just looks like the type that just needs glasses. A bitch can dream, right? Anyways, if (emphasizing on the if) I had to wear any looks from this collection, I think they'd be these two below. They're the most fem too me, I guess:
ehh whatever. I'd wear those. They're cute. Like I always say, I always picture myself wearing Prada womenswear or something along the lines of that while my papi chulo wears Dolce & D&G. Mkay? Let's not forget the panty creamers of the show. Especially Ryan Kennedy (my boo who never return my calls)
Let's move on shall we?

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