Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's Coming Up...

well basically a thinner me because I need to abort my "normal" eating habits and turn to the thinspirational bitch I need to be. Plus, my friend and I got tickets to EDC which means there's bound to be thousands of photo shots that day which means me we'll be on pictures which means people will see how you look captured on some little device which means people know you're size which means people will judge which means you're confidence will get fucked up and you'll be the new Chaz Bono (pre sex change, which means bitch cried for not having a vajayjay) which means......oh fuck I'm slapping myself if I say another "which means..". This is officially my last meal:
"I'm trying to lose 3 pounds". Ok, enough with the Mean Girls quotes. Ok, reality wise, I'm trying to lose 10. lmfao. And because i'm bitching about weight, it's thinspiration time! For todays subject, were one new. Same ol' Snejana Onopka. This time in the dress I blogged about because those stick legs go on for miles and always look fab in a pair of jeans. Love Love LOVE!
That's all. Kiss kiss muah!

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