Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bingo Players Vs. Chocolate Puma: Touch Me (Original Mix)

Touch me while I'm touching you
kiss me while I'm kissing you
love me while I'm loving you
do me while I'm doing you
ugh I'm obsessed with this song! OBSESSED! My newest runway sountrack bitches.
First heard it in the Modtv's Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 podcast. I swear, the music producer for Modtv deserves a blowjob or some fucking award cause his/or her music choices for their podcasts are always so splendid & orgasmic to hear.
Now, excuse me while I listen to my summer anthem and mince down the streets while I'm wearing some louis vuitton spring/summer 2010-esque outfit. kthanksbyw.

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