Sunday, October 24, 2010

Purple= To Help Support to End Bullying

I just wanna point out that unfortunately there have been many suicides lately that have been the outcome of gay bullying and it's just unfortunate that the basis for these gay teenagers to end their lives all have been due to them enduring bullying just because of who they are. I, like 9 out of 10 gay teenagers, have endured bullying and it's definitely a struggle. I used to get bullied back in the day but I've learned to stick my head high and to not care at all what others think of me. Unfortunately, many of these teenagers had it more difficult and therefore they ended their lives. It's just absolutely horrid what's happening all across the nation. In support of ending bullying, I wore purple just like countless of others.
When will these countless of pathetic assholes stop bullying others just because of who they are. I mean really, it's appropriate to ridicule somebody just because they're different? ugh. I hope that plenty of others wore purple on last wednesday to show support.

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