Monday, November 29, 2010

My Lanvin for H&M Experience. One Word: HECTIC

Yes, the one word to describe it would indeed be "hectic", but so worth it.
Ugh, unfortunately the pictures I took at the actual event were deleted off my phone by accident. Nonetheless, I do have pictures to showcase what I actually bought. Like, duh. Anyways, so the night before, I went to my friend's birthday party because since I'm such a loyal friend to friends, I can't say "no" when they tell me to do things. Especially if it's attending a birthday party. So I went to my friend's party, she puked, I got drunk, I did something quite "nasty" (no, nothing sexual. Let's just say it required me to smell something quite gross), and well I ended up home around 11:30 (hello, I had to wake up the next morning at around 6!). Yeah, 6:00 am my ass! I woke up at fucking 10:00! ugh, I had this whole plan of waking up early, getting ready, and actually trying to arrive around 7ish so I could purchase the better goods asap. So I get there and it's already all fucking full. They tell me I have to wait till 1:00 pm when it's available to everyone because everyone that got around 7ish am at the store got wrist bands that allowed them to enter the store at specific times to shop. Ugh, my fucking luck. I then checked out the menswear, which was openly available, but unfortunately, nothing remotely chic was still left. I just took 2 of the womenswear t-shirts they had out on display for myself. I then chatted with a handful of chic women, one who happened to have those gorge Prada menswear studded laceups from fall/winter 2009 and a Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2010 coat with a gorgeous iconic Hermes Birken bag. Finally 1:00 pm came and I was in front of everyone and went straight for the necklace because that's initially what I exactly wanted, which also included the t-shirts which I had in my hands. I then realized the blazer, the black one with jeweled buttons, needed to be mine. One of the workers was about to make an announcement about having one more blazer and myself, almost as if I were a shark in a pool of sharks with just one meal available to sustain one shark, grabbed that damn fucking blazer like it was everything! I then went to pay and realized I only had $60 with me!! So not enough to purchase everything. I then called everybody I could to help me. I was persistent in making all these phone calls and almost seemed delusional thinking somebody from my family was going to come all the damn way to the Beverly Center to lend me cash but no one came :(. I then, right then and there, went to the corner and cried! Yes, tears began to roll down my cheeks and I began to cry! ok, I wasn't completely having a disastrous crying moment, but a few tears came down. Before crying, I tried on the blazer and it felt soooooo perfect on me! I swear, out of all the collaborations H&M had, this one has to be the best so far. The blazer was absolutely exquisite. So freaking beautiful. I had this idea of wearing it with a white t-shirt, my denim jeans, and my flat moccassins. I envisioned such a stylist outfit that I new would garner haters all around me. That's the power of Alber's clothes, they make you feel absolutely invincible. Knowing I was going to leave that blazer saddened me even more. So overall, I ended up leaving that beautiful blazer, those gorge t-shirts, and ended up taking that gorgeous necklace.
Isn't it absolutely stunning? Shockingly, I did black friday shopping after thanksgiving with one of my girlfriends like a week later and found one of the Lanvin t-shirts at my local H&M!!! thank the damn lordy, no?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Small Black-Photojournalist

I'm OBSESSED with Small Black after hearing about them a while ago. I'm especially loving their song "Photojournalist".
Gotta love them.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Lanvin for H&M Lookbook is Here!!!

omfg, I'm like hyperventilating!!! omfg, so errbody knows that Lanvin is doing a collection for H&M with phenomenal prices and the lookbook is finally available! And another plus is that Irina Lazareanu, one of my all time favorite models, is modeling it all! Yes oh yes!
Including the looks above, these are all my favorite looks from the whole collection. Those necklaces, that sheer jacket, that faux fur jacket, and those t-shirts SO need to be mine. Just fabulous!
I'm head over heels for the pink/green flowered necklace. It's practically identical to the same necklace featured in the resort 2010 collection (which I LOVE). Both these looks below are just absolutely phenomenal. Chic, feminine, fierce, fabulous, and oh so pretty! That fur, those necklaces, ugh the colors!
omfg that yellow! ugh I'm so salivating at the moment. That red dress is purely pretty.
I swear, if I had a vagina and I wore dresses on a regular basis, i'd so get the yellow dress and the black sheer one below asap. I'm lusting over this tuxedo jacket and the t-shirt...
How can you have a Lanvin collection for H&M and not feature black? It's like absolutely cray cray. My favorite of these two is the first one. So chic and badass. The second one is quintessential Lanvin.
I liked these a lot too...
I love how I can look at any piece and pin point it to an almost exact replica from an actual Lanvin collection. I just love that! Seriously, Alber did a terrific job. It's true to his aesthetic for the label and that's absolutely amazing that it's being available to the masses for a terrific price. I'm just amazed by Alber!

ps. I'm DEFINITELY buying those sunnies. Hands down, one of the top things I need to buy. Lanvin SS07 much?

ps. I'm SO going to do another post about the actual pieces I'm really interested in purchasing.