Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chanel, Dior Homme, and Prada for Sale!

Hey, guys! So I've been doing a little closet cleaning lately and decided to put up for sale some of my special pieces. Unfortunately, they have been neglected for quite some time and need to go to somebody that'll appreciate them. All they need is some TLC. They're available on my copious shop for purchase if anyone is interested. I'm selling a pair of Chanel sneakers from earlier this year, a Dior Homme t-shirt from Fall/Winter 2007 (Hedi's last season at DH) and Prada sneakers I purchased back in 2008. Pictures below!

Comment below if you have any questions :)

xoxo Tony :P

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WERQ that Unif Donna Jacket, Gurl!

From yesterday after seeing Django Unchained (SO good!)
(Outfit pictured above: Unif Donna Leopard Biker Coat. The Drums band t-shirt)
Sigh, the oversized jacket sure did cause some pain to my bank account ($130 to be exact, but it was on sale, okay!), but it was so worth it. It's so warm, badass, and adds the extra bit of sassiness to every outfit. I can be wearing all black, referencing The Ramones, and add this jacket and I'd still manage to look quite chic. 
Oh, I hope you're able to tell that I got my left ear pierced. I was cringing about getting it considering I can't handle any amount of pain, but luckily it was tolerable and only lasted a mere 2 seconds. Also, I got some highlights and went for a more ashy look. Unfortunately, it delved into an orange territory. Alas, I was able to fix it for free and the result couldn't be any better. I think, if anything, I'll go and get frosted tips one of these days to get the full look I was eager to get originally. This should suffice for now. 
XOXO, y'all.

Filippa K Spring/Summer 2013 : Julia Stegner and Clement Chabernaud by Lachlan Bailey

I'm totally obsessing over the advertisements for Filippa K's S/S 2013 collection. I love the minimal, simplicity of the styling and makeup and of the advertisements themselves. It's a stellar casting that makes the effortless clothes appear even more desirable than they are.

Clement, as usual, looks so handsome and dreamy. There's a soft spot in my heart for whatever Julia does. She looks so fresh faced and I love her styled like this. To be honest, it's making me want to wear a simple collared shirt, some tan shorts, and sashay down the streets of Los Angeles as if it's 80 degrees.  Haha.

Merry Christmas!!

Hope all you suckas got what you wanted and enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones! I only received the latter lol.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Theysken's Theory Pre-Fall 2013

Stellar collection from Olivier for Theysken's Theory this season. There's such an ease, nonchalant vibe the collection had. Although they may seem a bit like casual pieces and somewhat basic to the eye, there needs to be a more depth view on how Olivier managed to make these cool, basic pieces have a modernized, urban, luxe twist. Take for example the trousers in this collection. There's a pair of blue skinny jeans with a brocade motif on them. For evening, there are a pair in the final look that are embellished. There also happens to be sheer pants for the more risque and edgier crowd. My favorites have to the be embellished pair and the ones above in the middle, which have a subtle sheen to them that make them wearable for everyday duties while also having an interesting factor. The shoes are nothing new. Olivier has shown chelsea boots and black pumps before, which always look appealing. Some subtle plaid prints, embellishments, sheen, and a dark abstract print thrown in there. Casual-wear with a cool, grunge twist. Favorite looks below:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Le Volume

Fantastic editorial from the M Le Monde December 8th 2012 issue. I love the styling. While the editorial has a slight collegiate/school campus feel to it, Emeline stands out thanks to her impressive runway pieces. It's as if she's saying "I'm wearing Celine, Stella, and Fendi to school, hun. Let me show you how it's done". Girl, definitely show those other kids how it's really done. I'm also an instant sucker for editorials that feature models wearing covetable runway pieces in everyday life. The clothes have a high fashion appeal, but they still appeal to the wearability crowd. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

L'Officiel Ukraine December 2012: Snejana Onopka by Sonia Plakidyuk

...and my queen is back. My god, if another hiatus from the industry happens, I'll certainly lose it. Lol. It's not my favorite cover with Snejana in it, but my god those cheekbones are out of this world. She's totally serving some Jerry Hall realness. Glamour, fur, red lips,, hunty!
 Here's a little sneak peek at her editorial.
Now, the wait for the full editorial to pop out on the internet commences!

p.s. ...and let's channel Snejana on that cover for the weekend. lol

What are Those Shoes, Margiela?

If you got $695 to spare, then these babies are what you should splurge on. I swear, I'm not even the fashionista type that finds male fashion sneakers covetable, but these are pretty rad. The icy, metallic blue has me sold on these.

Sigh, one day you'll be mine. I would pair them obviously with a very monochromatic look. Maybe something all black or all grey to place the attention on these bad boys.

Nick Lawson - You Look Good (Original Mix)

Sigh, finals are literally in a couple of days, so I'm going to be focusing my time being here at home lol. Adios, shopping and going out, hello gender/women's studies essay and economics textbook! Anyways, I've been having a little obsession with House music lately(thanks, Boiler Room TV!). I swear, I'm finding out about so many fascinating, cool artists and finding out about new songs. I'm especially obsessed with this track from Nick Lawson that I discovered the other day.
I swear, I just wanna throw my books to the floor and dance instead of bobbing my head. Seriously, I think if it weren't for House music, I'd go insane.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mood Board: Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 Paris-Edinburgh, The Smiths, and Kate Moss Looking Fierce While Smoking

Lagerfeld takes Chanel to Scotland this pre-fall season! I'm absolutely dyeing at how gorgeous this is. Now, let's all pray that I somehow get this outfit below (LOL) or that I'm able to replicate it with H&M/high fashion pieces in my closet. LOL. This post was originally going to be a "What Would I Wear Today" type of post, but there's no fun in that. So, I decided to whip up a quick mood board. There's Kate Moss smoking since I've been smoking too much (don't judge, gurl), Marte's look at Chanel that is SO what I wanna wear during this weather, and the The Smiths music to make everything better!
(Marte Mei Van Haaster at Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 Paris-Edinburgh, Kate Moss by Terry Richardson, and The Smiths)

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Official: Alexander Wang is Balenciaga's Newest Creative Directo

I don't even know anymore what to think...
From the New York Times:

PARIS — Alexander Wang on Monday became the first designer of Asian descent to enter the highest ranks of Parisian high fashion when he was named creative director of the storied house of Balenciaga.Mr. Wang, born of Taiwanese-American parents, brought up in California and a successful designer of hip, streetwise sportswear for his own label in New York, will follow in the footsteps of the Spanish haute couture master Cristóbal Balenciaga, who died in 1972.The appointment was announced by PPR, the French luxury conglomerate which bought Balenciaga in 2001. The group includes Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.Mr. Wang, 28, who will continue with his own U.S.-based company, said in a statement that he was “deeply honored to embark on this new role for a brand and house that I have such great admiration and respect for.”Isabelle Guichot, president and chief executive of Balenciaga, lauded Mr. Wang’s “modernity and his individual and cosmopolitan vision of design.”Mr. Wang will succeed Nicolas Ghesquière, who was at the helm for 15 years and created a futuristic high-fashion elegance. He left last month with a plan to open his own fashion house.
It's evident the house is going for a more commercial route and trying to appeal to the masses than what it what it stood for. For me, Balenciaga was a fashion house I looked forward to every season because not only did Ghesquiere produce unexpected collections, but he was a true visionary and each collection embodied a futuristic, youthful, opulent, and out of this world vision. Ghesquiere always pushed the boundaries and worked with different elements to create some of the most complex, but beautiful pieces I've ever seen. Sigh, I mean, you just know Balenciaga won't be the same in producing beautiful pieces like these below:
 (From top to bottom: Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2006, Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2012, and Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2002)
Sigh, Nicolas will surely be missed. All I can hope is that he starts his own label immediately because fashion week will be more lonelier with another star gone. I'm a huge fan of Wang, and I do own a couple of his pieces, but I just don't think he's right for the label. Imo, I thought Christopher Kane was the ideal candidate. He has the creativity and the skill to work at prestigious house. I hope Alexander Wang doesn't disappoint for the F/W 2013 season. I'll just be optimistic from here on out.

p.s. Hey, with Wang at Balenciaga, we can maybe expect a Lil Kim soundtrack in Paris, no? LOL. No, but seriously that would be pretty badass. Plus, Wang always has a good model lineup for his shows and is very loyal to his models. Maybe Snejana there? Who knows. A girl can dream, no? ;)

Vitalic - Stamina

Obsessed with the track "Stamina" from Vitalic's newest album. Let me take me break from the horrendous amount of reading I have to do and let's dance!
The music video below:
Gosh, Vitalic is IT! He's so brilliant. The music, the music videos, the beats, everything just makes you want to dance. Definitely check out his music.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

OOTD : Nasty Gal Time

I really need to invest in a lengthwise mirror for myself at home instead of opting to take my OOTD photos right before I enter my job. Lol. Anyways, my two packages arrived earlier this past week and I'm finally able to wear my new creepers and my new leopard biker coat from Nasty Gal.
(White creepers from TUK. Black skinny jeans from Gap. Oversized black t-shirt. Leopard biker jacket from Nasty Gal. Nude colored satchel bag from Windsor Fashions. Coffee made with love :D)
It it weren't for the chilly weather that day, I sure know I wouldn't have been able to wear both these pieces. The creepers are unfortunately uncomfortable, but that's the standard with creepers. I wasn't fully on board with how the jacket looked on me, but after a couple of times I finally came around and decided to keep it. I'm so glad I stuck with that decision. As for the inspiration, I was going for a somewhat punk/rock 'n' roll look. The white creepers look so nice with an all black look. Can't wait to wear the jacket more this season!


I've been having a crush lately on model Soo Joo. I mean, that blonde hair and that killer bone structure? Flawless. I just want nothing but the best runway shows and editorials for her. Anyways, in Dazed and Confused's December 2012 issue she did a phenomenal editorial titled "#happyendings". Can we hashtag this as #toofierce and #phenomenalstyling? I'm going a bit cray for the first image. That pink feathered dress with those fierce Blumarine F/W 2012 metallic boots (they're STILL on my Fall/Winter shopping list but unfortunately I'm poor)? Perfection. She's like a lost geisha in Nueva York who's heading to an after party or hoping to find some bad boys along the way. My favorite images ahead!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

What Would I Wear Today: Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2006

I'm currently in bed watching hunky Tom Hardy in Inception. Yup, I'm having quite a wild night. Enough sarcasm aside, it's cold outside and what would I wear tonight for a lovely night out with the gals? This knit look from Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2006 below.
Gorgeous, right? I love the mix of the different knit fabrics and the metallic, robotic-looking lace-up shoes add the right unique touch to the look. Mama Miuccia never disappoints.

Shop-Along Hangout with Azealia Banks/Azealia Answered My Question! YAY.

The fabulous and inspiring Azealia Banks did a live shop-along hangout event through Google+ with the lovely folks of ASOS and a couple of bloggers. Fortunately, I was able to stay up way past my bedtime in time to catch it. It was at 4 in the morning and I was exhausted from earlier that night, but being a true fan I just couldn't resist seeing Azealia being fabulous and giving some amazing fashion tips. Now, I might be acting a bit over the top, but I'm so ecstatic that Azealia was able to answer my question towards the end of the video (at 53:25 to be exact).
Yes, I can officially say Azealia answered a couple of questions of mine. haha. I couldn't be any happier. Gosh, can we travel back in time to the mermaid ball? That concert was too sick. Seriously, one of the best music events I've ever been to.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2013 : Karolina Kurkova

To be quite honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Roberto Cavalli when it comes to their advertisements. Yes, they're sexy and fierce when it comes to capturing the essence of the house, but sometimes I wish the sets and backgrounds would fit in with the theme of the collection. I hope that made sense lol. Now, for Resort 2013, which I'm LOVING, Cavalli went with Kurkova (perfection, right?). This is too perfect. For once, I'm finally intrigued. haha
That suit has to be one of my favorite looks from the collection and I love the rocky, tough texture of the background complimenting the sexy, chic, tailored look so well. The styling is on point, and I'm totally head over heels for the sexy hair and makeup. Kurkova has a sun kissed look, which is so right for a resort campaign. Overall, kudos to the folks at Cavalli for presenting this visually pleasing campaign. Can't wait for the rest! Maybe Kurkova on top of the rocks while overlooking the ocean? ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Want, Need, Love: Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W '06 Blade Runner Feather Jacket

Remember the opening jacket/coat piece of the Blade Runner section of the Dior Haute Couture F/W 2006 collection? Remember how divine and opulent it was when it appeared? Sigh, the things I'd do to own that piece.
Let's take a little moment to appreciate the fierceness of that piece that Galliano created.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Work OOTD, 3.1 Phillip Lim Sample Sale, and Thanksgiving

I've been a little m.i.a. regarding personal/ootd posts. This should suffice :)
Wore the outfit below just to work about a week and half. Halleloo that it was chilly otherwise I would've had to resort to solely jeans and a t-shirt. 
(Jeans from Forever 21. Brown sneakers from Urban Outfitters. Navy blue oversized t-shirt. Leopard scarf made from one of my good friends as a gift. Faux leather hooded jacket from Windsor Fashions. Gray beanie. Red bag from Alexander Wang)
Oh, I have to mention that I went about a week ago to the 3.1 Phillip Lim sample sale. My whole plan was to skip my second class that started at 12:30 pm and just go straight after my first class to the sample sale at the cooper building in downtown Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I studied a bit longer than I had originally planned to the night before and thus I woke up at around 2. I immediately showered and headed to the sample sale 'cause lord knows I love me a good ol' sample sale. Once I got there, you could tell that the empty racks throughout the space had originally been filled with clothes but because of my late arrival, I missed out on the opportunity in seeing them and possibly purchasing them. Nonetheless, there were some goodies still left. I ended up leaving with a muscle shirt that has a sunglasses design on it, a pastel blue shirt that has a chiffon panel in the back, and a pair of shorts with an attached skirt on it that's from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Good deals on the muscle shirt and the shorts, which each were $50.

Last Sunday, I headed to the Melrose flea market and the Beverly Center for some shopping with my gurl Andreina.
 (Being a camera whore in the parking lot. Coat by Eryn Brinie. Camouflage printed pants from Gap. Sunglasses by Raybans. Red bag from Alexander Wang. Brown sneakers from Urban Outfitters)
 It can be a bit overwhelming when shopping at a flea market, so I opted with a casual look consisting of comfortable sneakers and a nice coat to keep my warm.

Now, for Thanksgiving, I didn't put too much thought into this outfit, to be quite honest. In the end, I did love the overall look. It was a familiar look I've done in the past (just look above LOL), but it always works, especially when running late to meet the family.
 (Coat by Eryn Brinie. Black skinny trousers from Gap. Vintage pajama top. Red loafers from Tods. Red brenda camera bag from Alexander Wang)
Best thing about Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie, obviously! I let myself become obese for a day.

This look below is from yesterday. I've never worked during a black friday weekend, but oh boy was I surprised at the hoards of people that'll do anything just to make a quick deal. Sigh, that's why I stick to online shopping these days.
(Jeans from Forever 21. Black patent toe sneakers from Chanel. Black oversized t-shirt. Vintage button up shirt. Red Brenda bag from Alexander Wang. Neon colored bracelet from Gap).

Knockoff Adventures: Valentino Rockstud Tote

Gorgeous bag, no?
What if I told you the bag above isn't actually Valentino's rockstud tote but rather a good knockoff from Forever 21 that retails for a tiny bit above $30? Would you believe me? Yup, the bag above is indeed Forever 21 and a pretty nice knockoff. I was helping customers left and right on black friday a couple of days ago when I spotted a comfortably dress woman sporting the bag above. I commented on how fabulous her "Valentino" bag is and she immediately smirked. She then proceeded towards me and told me it's actually Forever 21 and not Valentino like I had originally thought it was. For a knockoff, it was quite good. The leather looked sturdy, nice, and somewhat luxurious. Plus, the studs looked fantastically placed and had a nice shine to them. They actually didn't look cheap at all, but then again I was not too far from her when I commented on it. Now, I wonder what the folks at Valentino think? What do Maria Grazia and Pier Paolo think? Hmm...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why are the Folks at H&M Fucking Idiots?

"Right now, however, your background and experience do not match any of our current openings" are the only stupid, absurd words that matter from their email I just received about the job application I submitted. You know, the "We wish you the best" line is utter bullshit. So as normal, I check my email today when I woke up. I finally got a response about my "unfortunate experience" that didn't mesh well with the folks at H&M. Hmm, having experience in retail for almost three years and working for brands/stores like Nine West, Windsor Fashions, and Gap isn't at all valuable experience? I don't know about you, but I felt like I'm the quintessential H&M costumer and this is my second time receiving this email! I mean, I literally know every model that H&M uses and every collection they put out. Heck, I'm a little bit obsessive about the collaborations they have (my personal favorite was Lanvin, tbh). So what makes the folks at H&M utter idiots? About a month ago, one of my friends told me he was hired by them and now works seasonal, or maybe part time, there. What baffles me is that he has NO experience in retail and no major experience at all. He told me he was going to put his community service on his resume and hoped that was sufficient enough for the position since he's never really worked a real job. However, poor ol' me that has worked in the business for some years doesn't have the "background" and "experience". Complete bullshit. They treat their customers like shit, so I'm sure the people handling the applications is an imbecile as well. It's so puzzling. I really wanted to have a second job, but oh well. Their loss. I mean, if they want people with no experience, go ahead. It's already evident how incompetent their employees are, so maybe that's why they're seeking that.
I asked my friend about the Margiela collection about a couple of weeks and he's like "oh yeah, we're getting the collections soon." I corrected him and told him he's most likely getting the Lana Del Rey collection and that only flagship and other notable stores are getting the major collaborations. He works there and I don't. That should say enough ;).

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chloe Sring/Summer 2013 Beauty

Let's take a moment to appreciate the flawless, effortless makeup created for the Chloe S/S 2013 show.

Totally loving the combination of the soft, flawless skin with that copper cat-eye, which totally complimented the metallic accents in the accessories.

Chris Benz S/S 2013

So what are my thoughts on the quirky, layered collection Chris Benz presented in September during New York Fashion Week? I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely obsessing over it.
When it comes to layering, it's such a tricky thing. Styling/ layering in order to create effortless, nonchalant looks is quite a hard task. Labels like Missoni and Marc Jacobs have succeeded in the art of layering (MJ FW06 and Missoni FW09, anyone?). Chris definitely executed that flawlessly here. It was quirky, but not too cluttered, in my opinion. I thought the individual pieces were quite cute (ex. that egg yolk sequined top below is just too cute for words). As an aspiring stylist, some looks here were just too good to ignore. I absolutely adore the looks below:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

OOTD x Three

Here are some obligatory OOTD images I'm frequently posting on my instagram (FYI: It's @tonyalaniz). About 3 weeks ago, there was a meeting/party at the Gap I work at. The sad thing about this evening was that it was on a Sunday. However, this meant getting to dress up I guess lol. I wanted my outfit to say "I'm dressy, but I can be fierce and move around, gurl". I don't know, see for yourself.
 (Every hot bitch needs starbucks, no? Aldo shoes. Gap super skinny trousers. Marc Jacobs polo shirt. Gap navy blue cardigan. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag)
That night had such a gorgeous moon out.
 About two weeks ago, I went car shopping. The black BMW I had no longer lives *tears*. Idk, I felt going comfortable but somewhat chic that day. I felt like there was an 80s mood in the hair hence why I paired my blazer that has subtle, yet somewhat evident shoulder pads with converse sneakers.
 (Animal print bracelet purchased at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Some random black t-shirt. French Connection blazer. Converse sneakers. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag. Forever 21 skinny jeans)

This outfit is from Thursday before I went in to work. Cold weather has finally arrived! Halleloo!
(Urban Outfitters dark brown sneakers. Forever 21 skinny jeans. Simple blue t-shirt. Cheetah print scarf made by my friend Sally as a gift. Windsor hooded leather jacket. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag. Some gray beanie I found laying around the house)

Let's All Be Sluts for Halloween

Just kidding! Well, maybe. So what do you do when you're getting ready 2 hours prior a halloween party and haven't be decisive in your decision as to what to be for the evening? You dress up glamorous! If anybody questions what you actually are, just say you're a pretty, rad "hippie". Me below with a ridiculous face (Cara Delevingne pulls them off way better, no?) before the makeup.
(Outfit: H&M faux fur, ombre jacket. Urban Outfitters tie-dye, ying-yang muscle shirt. Headband made from excess fabric I had)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Katherine's Birthday Dinner!

Celebrated my friend Katherine's birthday last Saturday! I was originally going to not attend it, but fortunately I was able to leave work early and make it on time.
 Not the first time she got something white on white her face ;) LOL just kidding!
 With high school friends Steven, Katherine, and Sally.
 (Outfit : Forever 21 jeans, random navy blue t-shirt, vintage navy blue jacket, and my new Alexander Wang brenda camera bag, which I fucking love and I've been sporting it ever since I got it!)
*On a side-note, I can't believe Katherine and I have the same skin color! Either she's been tanning or that Likas Papaya Soap has been helping lightening my skin. Lawlz.*
Oh, did I mention the cake was inspired by the blue boxes given out when you purchase something at Tiffanys and Co.? So cute! After dinner, we all decided to chill and binge even more at a hookah lounge where they serve come fine, delectable treats. It definitely was a fantastic night to catchup with old friends.