Saturday, April 28, 2012

What a Lush Night

Well, yesterday was just another day full of errands. My homegurl and I made a quick stop at our local mall to visit Lush and Target for a couple of beauty items.

(Outfit: Black skinny trousers from Gap. Black suede loafers from Topshop. Black simple t-shirt. Black long sleeve knit shirt from Kenneth Cole. Tiffany & Co. ring. Rose gold from Michael Kors. Black patent leather clutch from Forever 21.)
OMG, I can't help but notice that little piece of hair sticking out to the left. UGH. Anyways, first and foremost, Lush was our number one destination. After using their Mask of Magnaminty for numerous times and almost running out of it, I was in desperate need of a new one. I was also in the mood to try a new one so I ended up getting their Brazened Honey mask.
The sales associate and I exchanged a few words with one another and she recommended the Cosmetic Lad. Idk what the fuck it is (I have a bad memory of things. Eeeek), but I'll google later what it's purpose is for. lol. Anyways, I'm tired of applying concealer with my hand to diminish my dark circles so I immediately ran my ass over to Target to purchase the pictured e.l.f. brush. While I was there, I also purchased New York Color's Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer. I've never tried anything from that brand and it was soooooo cheap so I had no second thoughts about purchasing it. Plus, I'm a frugal bitch. The $3 price tag was perfection! Anyways, can't wait to use the primer and brush today! I've already used the mask and it's left my skin feeling so soft. 
Anyways, I'll try to update this blog with as many fierce outfits as much as I can.

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