Monday, May 28, 2012

Denim on Denim

What I wore yesterday (It's 12:07 am) while catching up with one of my high school friends.
(outfit: Denim jacket by Gap. Denim jeans by Forever 21. The wonderful thing about working at Gap is having the ability to purchase items for 50% off!)
Even though these aren't prescription glasses (shhhh! Don't tell anyone or I'll cut a bitch) I'm really loving them! Idk, glasses make me look....intellectual, no? lol. I actually do own a pair of actual prescription glasses by Miu Miu but they're some of the fugliest pair of glasses I own. I bought them back in 11th grade solely for the label. I mean, while majority of teemagers wear Chanel and Versace, do you ever see people having Miu Miu glasses? Yeah, I don't think so. lol
Anyways, I'm thinking of turning these into actual reading glasses. I'll see..

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