Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Drums!

Last Tuesday had to have been one of the best nights of this year so far. My best friend Kelvin and I attended The Drums concert at the El Rey Theatre in Hollywood and had such a fabulous time.

Unfortunately, our asses were a bit ambivalent whether to bother people to get to the front of the line. Ehh, we're such sweet fucking people. Anyways, we had like a small drink prior to entering the venue, so our buzz immediately started fading once the main performance started. Anyways, we had such a fantastic time. The Drums have to be one of my top favorite bands! Seriously, they're in my top 10 favorite bands list. They did not disappoint at all. I did end up buying one of their shirts from the tour. It's so simple, comfy, and chic. Can't wait to pear it with jeans for a very casual, chic, effortless look. Ahhh, such a great way to pretty much start summer off.

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