Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gap Job? Bliss

Well, it's been practically a month of me working at my newest job. Yes, I'm a proud and delighted employee of Gap Inc.. I mean, I was a huge fan of the merchandise the retailer has and of the merchandise it's accompanying other retailers have (Banana Republic) so I knew I was destined to work there. Initially, I was a bit reluctant whether or not I really had a satisfying time working there. The people I immediately met seemed a bit.....not welcoming? I mean, they were, but I felt a bit out of place. I mean, if I was in their position, I would've taken the opportunity to meet the new employee. Oh well, maybe I'm being a selfish bitch. LOL.
After the first 2 weeks went by, everyone seemed to open up. Plus, did I mention that I love the main manager? She has a terrific personality, she's hilarious, and most importantly has a fantastic taste in music (anybody that knows who Bombay Bicycle Club is already pretty rad). Anyways, I felt like I had to vent about this. The only thing that I'm a bit displeased about is that I work in about 3 hours and I pulled an all nighter in order to fix my sleeping's a complicated thing. FML.

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