Friday, June 8, 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2012

Well, I'm definitely screaming like a school girl looking at this collection. I'm obsessed. Not only is it youthful, but there's a sense of 90s nostalgia in this. There's something very "vintage" about MBMJ and I love how that's evident in here. I found it so fresh that MJ was inspired by the scene going on in Portland, which helped give the collection a slight punk touch with the hair. I mean, who doesn't love the colored hair here? I swear, I'm this close right now to pulling out the manic panic hair color dye from out of my bathroom to dye mine. I'm inspired! Anyways, back to the stellar collection. The stripes and dots are so MBMJ, but I love the new spin here. The footwear is just fantastic, as usual. Those metallic shoes are bound to be notable items when resort hits the retail scene. The accessories seem to fall a bit "meh" for me. The styling, however, is superb! It's so me and I feel that if Grimes or someone as cool as her saw this, they would agree how fantastic this all is. All in all, this is one of my favorite collections of the season. The portland inspiration, the slight touch of 90s nostalgia, the mens inspired lace-ups, and the stunning color palette are more than enough reasons for me to indulge next year into this collection. Anyways, here are my favorite looks:

The blues! The green! The hair! The metallics! LOVE!

P.s. I love how Bambi looks so badass here.

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