Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ports 1961 Mens Spring/Summer 2013: The Orange Lucite Sunglasses!

It's not surprising that I have three womenswear looks as favorites of mine and only two menswear looks. Hey, have you seen have I dressed? Hello!
Anyways, I've never really paid attention to Ports 1961 (with the exception of womenswear and those totes gorge Alana Zimmer ads for the label for S/S 12) so this collection didn't really leave me going all crazy. It just wasn't me and it was a bit lackluster, to be quite honest. However, like I mentioned earlier, I did enjoy these looks below:

 By far, my favorite look has to be the third look posted above on Yulia Kharlapanova. I did enjoy the sneakers and accessories. I especially loved these lucite orange sunglasses below.
The style/shape remind me so much of the current pink lucite Gap sunglasses that I have right now. I never thought I'd love a pair of orange sunglasses as much as I love those above. So chic.

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