Monday, June 25, 2012

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013 Detail and Backstage Shots

First and foremost, so sorry for not updating. I've been so busy with work. Fortunately, I've been given a whole week off of work (UGH) and well here I am catching up with the menswear shows! Anyways, I loved the details at Topman, especially the the cool California-skater prints. Also, I'm just dying over the makeup and hair at the show. The boys looked so good! I loved the dewy finish they individually had. Oh, and the hair has inspired me to cut it in a very similar way. Let's get started:
I'm dying for the print here. Too rad.
Ton Heukels looked so handsome at the show. Loved the hair and makeup.

This jumpsuit needs to be mine. So chic!

I've been obsessed with pastels as of late, so it's no surprise that I'm salivating for this simple yet chic almost mint green sweater.

Have I mentioned on this blog how I've been wanting to learn how to ride a skateboard? Uhh, well yeah. This is adding to the desire to wanting to ride. Thanks, Topman.

I just adore the knits here! The clothes look so nice with the dewy makeup. OMG dewy makeup is the hotness.

The t-shirt print is really appealing and I'm loving the cool sunnies.

Ton Heukels getting his face on backstage. Such a stunning shot.

Ahh, Anthon Wellsjo backstage. Love him.
And that's that. What's next?

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