Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adventures in Thrifing: Meet the Tods!

Well, meet my new pair of Tods ruby red shoes! The things you find while just randomly checking out a thrift store.
About two weeks ago, I ended work at around 3:30 pm and had nothing do but just go home. I ended up heading to a thrift store that's like a block down the street from my job. After walking inside the shop for an endless amount of hours, I was ready to head home with a sequined pink cardigan and a cable knit pink sweater I end up finding. I swear, it was like pile galore that day. I decided to take another look around since everything was absurdly cheap and came across the above Tods on some metal rack. I checked the bottom of the shoes and it said "18". I instantly assumed they might be $81 and not $18, but to my surprise they were actually $18 when I took them to the cash register. I placed them in some plastic bag, tried to squeeze my feet in these size 10 womens shoes, and headed home. Seriously, this has to be the best thrift experience of my life thus far.

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