Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Rob to Rupert. Kristen Stewart, Are You Kidding Me?

So my ass wakes up abruptly at 11:20 am because I felt that I had accidently missed work, but thankfully I go in at 6:00 pm. I then get my iphone and go immediately to Dlisted and lo and behold look what I learned about:
Yup, the bitch cheated on her man with a married man. Mmmmmhmmmm. What's awkward is that Ruper Sanders, the man she cheated on Robert Pattinson with, was her director for Snow White and the Huntsman. Oh, but you wanna know what's extra awkward? His wife played Kristen's mother in the movie.
That's creepy, gurl.
Anyways, and they were caught too.

 Here's a better close-up of Rupert.

Oy vey. From Rob to Rupert.....this is absurd. Anyways, let this define how we all feel:

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