Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Girl, Take Advantage of that Net-A-Porter Sale!

Unfortunately, being a teenager has its major downs. Like, when you get a paycheck, you immediately spend it recklessly on insignificant shit instead of saving it like you promised yourself for, oh I don't know, maybe a pair of Pierre Hardy silver metallic sneakers that were on sale for $185 or for maybe for 2 hawaiian shirts from Stella McCartney and Altuzarra that you've been salivating over for weeks! Sorry, I'm getting a bit too personal with my bitching. I'm deeply sorry (Not really. Another down about being a teenager. Or is it an up?). Ugh, anyways, the other night on the last day of the Net-A-Porter sale, I visited the website in order to just have a little moment to myself and realize all the S/S 12 items I've wanted will never be mine. Fuck, I never even got anything remotely "sea inspired" since that was one of my favorite things about the season. But, I luckily scored! That same day at 3:00 am (the fuck is wrong with me), I ended up purchasing this Kenneth Jay Lane sea inspired/shell looking ring from the sale that's shown below. I had been wanting it for weeks and for it being so excessively low at a price point of $25, I couldn't say no.
I can't wait to wear it with maybe some studded outfit ala Versace S/S 12. Also, I've been wanting a new pair of glasses. I bought these AJ Morgan New School Clear Glasses from ASOS and hope to convert them into prescription glasses.

Last but not least, I purchased a pair of white espadrilles at ASOS as well (no picture). Hey, they were $13, so I couldn't pass them up. Plus, I've been really digging white shoes as of late. There's something cool about pairing white shoes with an all black outfit. I don't know, maybe it's the Karl Lagerfeld in me that feels that way. Is it sad that the only thing I'm looking forward to this week is to receive my items? Oh, lord.

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