Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lets Update with Instagram!

I've been obsessed with Instagram lately so it makes perfect sense to update the blog with the numerous of photos I took last week.

New Zara Jacket
Love this new metallic silver biker jacket I ordered from Zara. I so wanna do an all black look and style it with this gorgeous jacket.

Let's Go Out and Show Off the Tods
My friend Andreina invited me to one of her friend's party and so I felt it was absolutely obligatory for me to show off the new Tods. Ruby red never looked so good and I'm not even a red shoe kind of gal!

 (Outfit: Gap black skinny jeans, Gap denim jacket, and Gap white muscle shirt)

Boba Time at Froosii!
I'm a huge fan of boba and felt like trying a new place instead of hitting the usual hot spot Bounce Northridge. I found out about Frootsii online and let's just say I'm a fan!
 Their cupcakes were absolutely delectable. I'm definitely going to head there more often.

Mask Time
I forgot what Asian brand these masks are from, but I found out about them from Fashionista. I love how they leave my face feeling so nourished and fresh.

Catching Up with the Girls at Chipotle
I hadn't seen a couple of my friends for a while and so we headed to Chipotle for quick bite and gossip session.
 (Outfit: The Drums band t-shirt, Gap black skinny jeans, Fake Hermes bracelet, and Windsor bag)

Paradise at Zara
I believe this was two Tuesdays ago and went to Zara. It was the first day of the annual Summer sale and had to get these gorgeous tropical printed skinny trousers

What to do? Lets Head to Andreina's House.
Kelvin and I were so bored last Saturday, so we decided to head to my friend Andreina's house just to mess with her.

(Outfit: Gap muscle shirt, Thrifted glitter cardian, Gap black skinny jeans, and Michael Kors rose gold watch).

And that's that!

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