Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Own Private Beach

Last week, a couple of the girls and I headed to the beach just to tan and have a little fun. Along the way there, my friend received a phone call from her little brother, who happened to be at some nearby Malibu mansion helping their father with the flooring of the place. My friend's dad deals with flooring, and so the house was basically empty. He told us to meet them there since the house was basically free. While my friend's dad was inside the fabulous mansion fixing it, we took the opportunity to somewhat sneak into the backyard, which was basically some secluded, private beach, and just chilled. Seriously, it felt as if the girls and I had our own private beach. I mean, when will you ever actually have your own private beach without noisy people surrounding you? Probably never. Anyways, I brought along the issue of Dazed and Confused with Grimes on the cover to read, tanned, and just relaxed.

 My skin has been tremendously improving, so I just had to take a couple of pictures.

(Outfit: Gap green mens hoodie, Gap pastel green bermuda shorts, American Apparel oversized big pocket gray tank top, American Apparel sheer black tank top, Ray-Ban black wayfarers, and Urban Outfitters color blocked bag)

It was such a beautiful day.

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