Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Mermaid Ball!

Guess who went to Azealia Banks' Mermaid Ball? We did!!!

Seriously, last Saturday was one of the best days I've had thus far during this horrendous summer. I got dropped off at my girl Katie's lovely place, got a little tipsy, and headed right away to the concert. The venue was a bit empty initially when I entered, but after a while it became quite evident that more and more people came towards the end to see the more popular acts perform (Rye Rye, Azealia, etc.) As you can see from the above photo, the venue was decorated in such a cute way. I mean, the whole Fantasea balloon feature was just the right touch. Oh, and did I mention the fierce mermaid go-go dancers? So rad. I also loved how people dressed up. Yes, there was an incentive, which was a $1000 prize to the most gutsiest mermaid outfit, but nonetheless the concert alone validated dressing in a more fantastic way. After seeing some of the gays and gals working the dance floor in a very 90s vogue format, Katie and I headed upstairs for a quick cigarette break.
Unfortunately, after talking to group of people for a while that I just randomly met with Katie (hey, blame that cheap 4Loko, okay!), I missed Rye Rye's performance with Robyn. I mean I like Rye Rye, but it's motherfucking Robyn!!! UGH, at one point, I heard Robyn's voice, and I was a bit skeptical telling Katie "is Robyn here? It cant' be, right?" but Katie just disregarded what I said. I mean, I doubt Robyn would be here to perform just one single with Rye Rye, right?
Anyways, I found out through Instagram after the concert. How dreadful. Let's hashtag this as #you'resuchadumbbitchtony.
I so would've gone crazy to seeing Robyn live.
Anyways, after talking to those lovely strangers from Orange County I mentioned earlier, we headed downstairs and waited for Azealia to come out.
 (Silver biker jacket from Zara)
Oh! This is what Katie wore. Cute, right?
After a while, Azealia finally made her appearance on stage. Gosh, the girl can indeed throw a performance. One funny thing I have to say though is that prior to getting to the concert, Katie was telling me that maybe we shouldn't dance with others (bitch did this last time at the Metronomy concert we attended) in order to not make the other one feel lonesome/annoyed. I was like "guuuurl, I did not feel like shit when that happened at Metronomy. Go ahead and do your thang". Sure, it was shitty seeing your friend get dick right then and there and I didn't wanna cock-block her, yah know. What's absolutely funny is that it was me that got dick there at Azealia. I'm not really into black guys, but this guy was quite cute. He just randomly started dancing right behind me and started getting closer towards me and we just basically danced the night away. Okay, we grinded, not danced. Happy with the clarification? Oy vey.
(Arm and finger swag: Kenneth Jay Lane seashell ring and a bunch of bracelets thrown together purchased from street vendors)
I had to show the accessories I paired my metallic Zara jacket and American Apparel t-shirt with. The Kenneth Jay Lane ring was the ideal ring for the occasion. It was absolutely perfect for the under the water theme. I also have to post a photo of Azealia's fabulous costume. Under the sea realness, y'all.
(photo from
That's pretty much it. I'm now just hoping I can get one of my friends to attend FYF Festival with me. Well, I have to get a ticket first. Actually, I have to get the funds first.

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