Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tony's Summer 2012 Playlist #1!

Well, it's been officially summer for some time now (I wanna say roughly two-three weeks?) and I got a little inner joyous feeling when being confronted on whether I have a summer playlist. Do I have one? Oh, you bet yah! Here's the first one! Just a couple of goodies and favorites of mine. I obviously had to start with Feel the Love because c'mon, it's fucking summer. Youth by Beach Fossils came next because summer is just one of those delightful times in the year where you just simply get to enjoy your youth and take full pleasure of it. Well, at least for me that's the case. In between, there's just a mix of some danceable and upbeat songs with some alternative tunes in there as well and a bit more. I ultimately ended it with The Only Place by Best Coast. Hello, California is amazing when it comes to the summer. I might hate living in the fucking Valley, but California is just absolute perfection when the summer season hits. I mean, beaches galore, anyone? This track by Best Coast pretty much sums up why I love Cali. Well, enough verbal diarrhea and on to the full playlist!

1. Cut Copy - Feel The Love

2.  Beach Fossils - Youth

3. Calvin Harris feat. Kelis - Bounce

4. Foster the People - I Would Do Anything For You

5. Air feat. Bech - The Vegabond

6. Azealia Banks - 212

7. Radiohead - Myxomatosis

8. Pnau - Direct Drive

9. The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar (ra ra ra)

10. Neon Indian - Polish Girl

11. Whitey - Into the Limelight

12. Cut Copy - Saturdays

13. Erykah Badu - Window Seat

14. Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy

15. MGMT - Siberian Breaks

16. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang

17. Best Coast - The Only Place

Now, excuse me while I put this on full blast in my car while I drive down PCH.
Hope you like it!

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