Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dazed & Confused September 2012: Azealia Banks by Sharif Hamza

It's here! The Dazed & Confused cover featuring Azealia Banks that's banned in certain countries. 

Now, it may be a bit provocative, but it's not that provocative that requires being barred from the public eye. There's a whole debate about it on TFS right now about how the children that are easily influenced could see this. I mean, GOD FORBID the children see this (did you catch my sarcasm?). See, if children do see this, where are the parents? Why aren't they censoring what they see? And why would children read a magazine who's demographic includes teenagers and young adults? Exactly. Anyways, as for the cover, the styling is on point. Love the Balmain F/W 12 vest paired with a simple vest. I feel as if it's true to Azealia's style. She can easily make anything seem oh so cool and yet it could be one of the most simplistic pieces ever created. Plus, it wouldn't be an Azealia Banks cover without that gorgeous blue mermaid hair of hers. As for the "blowing up the condom" feature of the cover, I find it a bit humorous. Banks is sure "blowing up" in the music scene as the days go by and that just makes the whole "blowing the condom" aspect just appear a bit more humorous. It's nothing to be taken seriously. Yes, it's provocative, but what would you rather have? Another simplistic cover featuring a red lip and nice smile? Blah. Also, yes, it's insinuating fellatio, but c'mon. Who cares. It's just a bit of fun. Hello, has anyone seen the "Liqurice" video? It's insinuated in that video too. I'm not surprised Azealia did something similar here. Now, let's all have fun and enjoy the editorial! 

Completely lovin' this. It's not my favorite set of images with Azealia in them, but it's sure a fantastic editorial. The "teenager bedroom" setting instantly reminded of the Tavi Gevinson "Strange Magic" art show that included bedroom installations of teenage girls with pictures of bands, inspring figures, and other notable cool things that teenagers would plaster over their bedrooms. Now, with this editorial, it features hip-hop and rap artists to perfectly fit Azealia's likings.
Now, let the gurl work that mermaid hair, okay? Sheesh.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Supermodels at the Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony (Picture Galore)

Supermodels at the London Olympics? Outfits by Vivienne Westwood, Jonathan Saunders, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and other talented iconic British designers? This can't get anymore blissful.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tom Ford Beauty Fall/Winter 2012: Snejana Onopka and Tom Ford by Mert & Marcus

Am I dreaming? Is this real life? This is perfection. That is all.

Look at that face! OMG..

Piercing blue eyes? Check. Perfect red lips? Check. Snej's flawless skin? Check. Creepy Tom Ford in the back to show how desirable Snejana is? Check. You know you're Snejana's number one fan when you immediately make any new image of hers your wallpaper.
Now, let's hope this means a full on comeback ala Bette Franke with numerous of shows for the upcoming season.

P.s. Katie Grand was the stylist. Makes me even MORE happy!

July 2012 Favorites

Just doing a July Favorites video. Some products featured are Laure Mercier's tinted moisturizer, Gap denim jacket, Likas Papaya Soap, Revlon's Photoready primer, Neutrogena dry-touch sunblock, Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses, and other goodies.

I Need More "Aloha" in My Life

Recently purchases this sweater from Urban Outfitters online on Sunday. I'm a little excited!
Yes, I know, another fucking surfer/aloha inspired sweater. I think I'm subconsciously wanting to go on a vacation to a faraway destination and enjoy the comfort of tropical trees and stunning tanned men. A girl can dream, no?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Redness and a Burning Sensation. FML.

My FUCKING god. So yesterday has to be one of the worst days of my life. I have been doing the usual routine of using Likas Papaya Soap on my face and body while in the shower. Yes, it leaves me face dry, but I have to endure that ordeal in order for my skin to lighten (I have issues). After that, I applied a new sunscreen from Neutrogena and my skin immediately started to burn, especially around my cheeks and chin. I applied my new Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer afterwards and my face was still feeling the pain. I then spent the rest of the day at my niece's birthday party. Throughout the day, my skin felt so raw and slightly in pain. Once I got home, I decided to play around with the new makeup I had purchased at CVS. It was Neutrogena's Shine Free makeup. I applied it on my skin and the burning sensation came back. Now, I have a couple of theories as to why my skin is currently red and raw around my cheeks and chin. I'm assuming it's either
a) The Likas soap is causing my skin to feel raw and dry and therefore the products I applied after it immediately caused the inflammation.
b) Both the sunscreen and makeup from Neutrogena contain SPF. The interesting bit of info I found was that both those products had titanium dioxide, which is one of the essential ingredients in protecting the skin. The other Neutrogena sunblock I had didn't contain titanium dioxide. Other SPF alternatives come with a different kind of ingredient that isn't titanium dioxide, but unfortunately the name isn't popping up in my head. The thing with titanium dioxide is that it acts as a shield. It apparently reflects the sun rays away while other spf products absorb the rays but obviously protect your skin. I know, I'm the wrong person when it comes to this, but I'm just writing what I personally know and heard. So, all in all, the titanium oxide products caused the inflammation and my skin to be in pain. I even read a couple of websites stating that people with oily skin are absolutely recommend to not get titanium oxide based products because they clog your pores and can cause inflammation. Well, there yah go.
c) The mixing of my products (sunscreen first and then my moisturizer afterwards) wasn't such a good idea.
d) Finally, I've been using Murad's spot/blemish corrector product and that might have fucked up my skin somehow, but this is the least favorable theory of mine.

I think it's ultimately either A or B. I'm currently suffering from redness around my face and it's so embarrassing. I used Egyptian Magic cream last night in order to help relieve the redness and pain and it's magically done a pretty good job. I'm so stupid and used Lush's Ocean Salt scrub, but my dumbass didn't realize that it has alcohol as one of the ingredients and the redness and pain returned so I'm using my egyptian magic all over again. I also noticed that my skin is starting to slightly peel on my cheeks. I'm just so worried that this whole experience will leave a distinct mark on my face and more redness. This whole fucking ordeal is just so upsetting. I just wanna cry. I just want blemish free skin. I want perfect skin. Ugh.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tavi's Strange Magic

FINALLY, I got the chance to attend one of Tavi's Rookie events. Strange Magic, anyone?

Just a couple of shots I took:

For those of you that have been oblivious to what Rookie has been doing, well Tavi and the gang have been going on a road trip and meeting fans here and there. Oh, and let's not forget the special events they've been hosting. Strange Magic was the finale of the whole road trip and was such a splendid art show that lasted for a week.

That art piece above, by far, has to be my favorite among the pieces I saw there. Majority of it was composed of collages of photographs. There was something very youthful about the images and major nostalgia with every piece. Did I mention one of the displaying pieces featured a vinyl cover of The Virgin Suicides' soundtrack? It was a subtle detail that required a closer look. Nonetheless, pretty rad. Anyways, obligatory OOTD.
(Vintage shorts. Alexander Wang sweater. Gap muscle shirt worn underneath. Bag from Windsor)

The only complaint that I have has nothing to do with the actual show itself but more with my friend. Ugh, my best friend just HAD to cancel our plans because of his own personal issues. Luckily, I was able to persuade him to attend the ending bash of the art show. By the time I influenced him to change his mind, it was too late to see Bleached perform. Oy vey. Oh, and I didn't get to actually meet Tavi, which was partially probably the main reason I wanted to go. Sigh, I guess there's always a next time. There's always fate, baby.