Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dazed & Confused September 2012: Azealia Banks by Sharif Hamza

It's here! The Dazed & Confused cover featuring Azealia Banks that's banned in certain countries. 

Now, it may be a bit provocative, but it's not that provocative that requires being barred from the public eye. There's a whole debate about it on TFS right now about how the children that are easily influenced could see this. I mean, GOD FORBID the children see this (did you catch my sarcasm?). See, if children do see this, where are the parents? Why aren't they censoring what they see? And why would children read a magazine who's demographic includes teenagers and young adults? Exactly. Anyways, as for the cover, the styling is on point. Love the Balmain F/W 12 vest paired with a simple vest. I feel as if it's true to Azealia's style. She can easily make anything seem oh so cool and yet it could be one of the most simplistic pieces ever created. Plus, it wouldn't be an Azealia Banks cover without that gorgeous blue mermaid hair of hers. As for the "blowing up the condom" feature of the cover, I find it a bit humorous. Banks is sure "blowing up" in the music scene as the days go by and that just makes the whole "blowing the condom" aspect just appear a bit more humorous. It's nothing to be taken seriously. Yes, it's provocative, but what would you rather have? Another simplistic cover featuring a red lip and nice smile? Blah. Also, yes, it's insinuating fellatio, but c'mon. Who cares. It's just a bit of fun. Hello, has anyone seen the "Liqurice" video? It's insinuated in that video too. I'm not surprised Azealia did something similar here. Now, let's all have fun and enjoy the editorial! 

Completely lovin' this. It's not my favorite set of images with Azealia in them, but it's sure a fantastic editorial. The "teenager bedroom" setting instantly reminded of the Tavi Gevinson "Strange Magic" art show that included bedroom installations of teenage girls with pictures of bands, inspring figures, and other notable cool things that teenagers would plaster over their bedrooms. Now, with this editorial, it features hip-hop and rap artists to perfectly fit Azealia's likings.
Now, let the gurl work that mermaid hair, okay? Sheesh.

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