Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fashion's Night Out Los Angeles

Hello! Omg, I'm so deeply sorry for completely neglecting my blog. You know how teenagers are these days. Constantly dealing with unfortunate piles of midterms, exams, essays, and reading assignments. Oh, and lets not forget working a part-time job at Gap. Sigh, the life of a student. On a serious note, deeply sorry for being M.I.A.. Now, less rambling and more catching up!
(FNO's outfit consisted of keeping it casual. Representin' Gap with this fantastic distressed denim jacket. Blue polo from Marc Jacobs. Color-blocked bag from Cooperative. Metallic silver lace-up shoes from Gucci)
So for Fashion's Night Out LA, I decided, which I regret, to go to the Beverly Center since there was some hype going on about it and my friend attended last year's festivities that consisted of Rachel Bilson. Alas, once I got there I was greeted with disappointment. The only celebrity there that I heard about was one of the younger Kardashian Sisters. Yes, I know, this isn't NY Fashion's Night Out so wtf was I expecting. But, c'mon. If NY is #1 when it comes to FNO, then LA has to be number 2. Plus, LA is known to be the land of celebrities. Where were they? Idk, celebrating and pulling a Lohan at a nearby club probably. After a while of just browsing around, me and my friend Sally left to eat at Urth since I was in desperate need of one of their spanish lattes and a slice of the berries and cream cake.
After devouring a good meal, we then headed down on Melrose to the nearby boutiques. Since we both were on a tight budget, we just browsed and just got samples of snacks and stuff. Yes, we're frugal bitches. We did pop by the BookMarc store, which had this pretty rad light piece, if I can call it that.
You can always count on any of the Marc Jacobs related stores for cheap goodies. Sally ended up buying a really cute notebook where she mentioned she'd write all her lovers' names on there. lol. We both got matching necklaces, that were like $5 each. I was astonished that literally all MJ employees were egging us to take as much as we wanted of the free fingerless gloves they were handing out. Apparently, they ordered an abundance of gloves to hand out and were met with such disappointment that they decided to let everyone take as many as they wanted. I'm literally sitting right here giggling knowing that I have like 5 of those set of gloves in my drawer right now. haha. After that, we just strolled along the street, saw cute guys, saw a familiar drunk face from the night before at Kitchen 24, saw people dressed in some chic outfits, and pretty much just had a good time.

Now, excuse me while I continue to "study" for my textiles and economics exams tomorrow. Oh, did I mention I'm trying to save for this Balenciaga t-shirt from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection?

I know, I'd get the sweater runway version if I could, but homegurl just doesn't have the funds to utilize for such a great purchase. Sigh..

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