Monday, October 29, 2012

I Could've Met Magdalena Frackowiak (FML Edition)

The idiots at the Dailymail posted these first 2 photos of Magda on the streets of Beverly Hills with the an accompanying article (now deleted according to TFS) titled something along the lines of "Candice Swanepoel shooting for VS in California". Yeah, cause this is clearly Candice

 Idiots. Anyways, the thing that irks me is that they said that Magda (or should I say Candice LOL) was shooting in Rodeo Drive on Sunday and my father works down the street there! Like, I usually tag along with my Dad here and there and especially now since I have no car in order to accompany him and pass time. See, if I tagged along with him on Sunday, I probably, could've, maybe had a chance to have met Magda.
Alas, I found out too late. There are endless of opportunities in the future of this happening, I hope. Now, a letter from Magda to moi that makes more sense now than ever.
*sobbing uncontrollably*. Someone, hand me the fucking vodka. Homegurl right here has some issues to deal with. FML.

Poor River Viiperi

Continuing to be Paris' own personal hot bitch. Ay dios mio.
(Paris and her man-stealing ass with my boo River at some Halloween party in Beverly Hills)
I give it 2 more months..

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Molly was being a lazy bitch last night. Nonetheless, I had a spectacular, rad time at the Flying Lotus concert. Thank god my friend Sally mentioned it earlier this week otherwise I never would have been able to attend it.
 (Waiting for Sally to pick me up...tsk, tsk)
 (Headband D.I.Y. made from fabric of some old shorts. Fur collared jacket from Cooperative)
Amazing visuals at the concert! It was totally in sync with the music and completely complimented the danceable beats.

(with my gurl Sally)
Towards the end of the show, Steven (Flying Lotus) said he'd go and sign merchandise with his fans. I ended up buying a shirt not because of him signing it, but because I like to collect band t-shirts from every concert I attend. After waiting for about 20 minutes, somebody from his entourage came out and unfortunately spilled the news that Flylo couldn't sign/meet his fans because he was feeling sick. Sigh, bummer. However, I ended up taking a totally badass shirt with the art cover on it from his latest album, so it wasn't so bad.
Now, I'm totally excited for this weekend and the rest of week. I have a party tonight (don't have a clue as to what I'm dressing up as), celebrating Halloween by going to Weho, and then next Saturday is my sister's baby shower and HARD's Day of the Dead (Justice, anyone?). YES!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alexis Mabille Spring/Summer 2013 Paris

Favorite looks from Mabille's S/S 2013 collection below:

The In Crowd

I can't express how much I'm loving this editorial in The New York Times Style Magazine Winter 2012 issue. Sublime, y'all.

Vogue Portugal November 2012 : Top Ten

Love the styling in this editorial titled Top Ten in Vogue Portugal's Novemer 2012 issue

That first image with the Miu Miu styled perfectly is by my far my favorite in this set of images. Dovile Virsilaite photographed by Raphael Delorme and Thierno Sy, styling by Paulo Macedo, hair by Miguel Viana, and makeup by Christina Gomes.

scans from The Fashion Spot

It's My Obsession : Fight Facilities' "Crave You"

Pure bliss, honey. This song is just what I've been needing. Ugh, it helps that I can somewhat relate to the lyrics.
We all have that one special asshole we want that doesn't even know we exist and yet there are horrendous guys after you yah know?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Valentino Spring/Summer 2013

Favorite looks from the collection:
That tuxedo/bib jumpsuit has to be one of the most chicest things I saw from all of the S/S 2013 collections. It's so effortless and just elegant. There's no doubt that anyone wearing it would look regal. The collection basically consisted of nude, navy blue, white (color of the season), and then red towards the end. I love that they're being consistent with their whole "The Virgin Suicides/collared" look that they've been showcasing for quite a while. As usual, they kept it exciting with the intriguing embellishments and beadwork. I also love that lattice-type technique on that exquisite navy blue, embellished dress on Bette Franke. They kept it very young and chic with those round collars that I'm having some issue finding the right term for. I also thought they did a fantastic new version of those studded heels they do, but this time in a lucite version. I'm not quite sure if they were shining because they included crystals, but I definitely did a double take when I saw them in images. Watch, they're gonna be one of the hottest shoes of the season. They even did trench version of it in plastic with studs. That, for me, was one of the more fun pieces that had the creative buzz to keep me interested while still remaining chic. Overall, I thought Maria and Pier did a fabulous job with this collection and I know that accessories and shoes are vital for a major company to stay afloat, but there must be more to them. I would personally love if they both injected that fun creativity they inject into their accessories into their clothes and perhaps experiment a little. While they're constructed perfectly, made out of some of the finest materials, and are absolutely chic, they could use a bit of experimentation in order to create some buzz. They're becoming a bit predictable and the issue is that I wouldn't be able to distinguish this collection from the past 5 collections. Nonetheless, I would kill for that last evening gown. It's perfection.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Okay, metallic pieces are just my thing, but silver is simply crack for me. There's just something so fascinating about it. There's something space-like/futuristic about the color, which keeps me coming back for more! Now, I'm currently in a big fight within myself whether I should splurge on either these Pierre Hardy sneakers below:
Or this 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall/Winter 2012 metallic silver collar worn on the runway by the fabulous Emily Baker:

Actually, the fight is whether I should even splurge right now! Lol. I'm supposed to be saving for a future trip I'm hoping to take next summer to Spain. Sigh, what can you do when you're a fashionista. Anyways, it's even harder when I've been wanting those sneakers ever since they were on Net-A-Porter but they sold out like THAT, and now they're somehow on The Outnet. I'm like taking it as a sign. It's either now or never. Haha. Then, the Lim collar is just the perfect accessory for a simplistic outfit.
Decisions, decisions..
Ugh, FML.

Lets Bring Out the Fur Pieces, Honey

It's finally raining (and hailing, surprisingly!) here in Cali and you know that means bringing out the fur and outwear out!
(Misfits band t-shirt, Cooperative fur collared jacket purchased at Urban Outfitters, and simple gray beanie)
I had to add the gray beanie to tone done the look and make it look more casual. To give it a more street kind of look.
Now, lets all say this together: Work those cheekbones, gurl!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Azealia Banks' "Liquorice" Music Video

Gurl, WERQ. It's like the 90s all over again.
This bitch said it's open season..

Saint Laurent Mens Spring/Summer 2013

I'm at a loss for words.
Remember how Hedi's menswear collection was presented a couple of months ago in the summer during menswear fashion week to only buyers (or was it only editors? hmm..) and prohibited ANYONE else from seeing it/distributing images of it? Well, the collection is finally out. It's like Dior Homme all over again, but with a slight touch of new wave. It's also very YSL, especially with the tailoring and evening looks. I'm just salivating; I want it all!

Cool sequined blazers and skinny suits? Check.
Easy, cool jeans? Check.
Young edgy male models like in his hey days at Dior Homme? Check
I'm just in awe over this. The skinny suits are probably my favorite things here. And that sequined shirt styled over the striped t-shirt? It's love at first sight. Hedi is just a visionary and literally everything he does just increases my admiration for him. It's all very true to his aesthetic. It's very rock 'n' roll, a slight bit androgynous, and youthful. His aesthetic is what ultimately got me into high fashion. Those Dior Homme collections of his will always have a special place in my heart and this isn't too far from what he was doing. Don't even get me started how Hedi's photography here is amazing. It could easily be a fantastic campaign or editorial, and it does a tremendous job highlighting key pieces in each individual shot.
This is just too cool and I can't wait for the future of YSL under Hedi.

OOTD + The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I had to take advantage of the somewhat colder air that's been popping up here and there at night in bright sunny California, so I paired my Zara embellished army jacket with a very nonchalant, relaxed outfit.
 (Outfit: Zara jacket/shirt, Forever 21 jeans, Disneyland souvenir t-shirt, Tods loafers, Windsor nude satchel, and Michael Kors rose gold watch)
I decided that the army jacket itself is a more "trendier" and "special" item, so it would balance out the casualness of the of the rest of the outfit. It added some interest, if you will, to the outfit. I also brought out these gorgeous Tods out, which I happened to miraculously find at a vintage store. $18 for a barely worn pair of good leather shoes? I'm sold.
After attending my school's LGTBA meeting in what seems like centuries of neglecting it, I headed to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower at the Arclight in Hollwood. It was a must. I'm a fan of the book itself and I just needed to see for myself if the film adaptation would live up to the book. To be honest, the the film was superb and I definitely had an obsession with the soundtrack consisting of Sonic Youth, David Bowie, The Smiths, and much more. Ezra Miller's performance was solid. He was funny, captivating, and by far my favorite actor in the film. Emma was breathtaking, as usual, and Logan Lerman did a tremendous job playing Charlie. It's so funny because that's exactly how I envisioned Charlie whilst reading the novel. It was also pretty fantastic seeing Nina Dobrev playing Charlie's sister, who I had no clue she was in the film at all. My only complaint, as a fan, was that I wish they had included the part between Charlie's siblings getting into a huge altercation. Also, the film never included his family finding out about his sister's physical abuse that she endured. Let's not forget the part where his sister goes and gets an abortion and Charlie goes and accompanies her. This altogether would've been impacting in that it would add to the struggle he overall faces. That tragic moment of the abortion and brining together Charlie and his sister would've been fantastic to see on screen. It's one of the key points in the novel that brings those two together.
But enough of me ranting. Overall, the film was fabulous. Anyways, I took this picture of one of Emma's outfits in the film that was on display at the lobby.

Sigh, I'm dying to see the film again. I know Black Swan is probably my number one film, but this sure is a top contender in being one of my favorite, if not my ultimate favorite, films.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Elie Saab S/S 2013 Paris

I'll eventually make a huge post about my top collections and how underwhelming the season was, but Elie Saab was one of the few collections that was just superb. Yes, it wasn't anything innovative and revolutionary, but I love how this man just keeps on producing some of the most chicest pieces every season. You can always count on Saab to produce some red carpet numbers that'll make you look like a million bucks. This season, he went a bit minimal and focused on what seemed like workwear, evident by the emphasis on tailoring at the beginning of the show. Oh, and I'm so happy he opened the show with Sigrid!
 It wouldn't be a quintessential Saab collection without those fierce numbers towards the end, which I personally happened to love Magdalena's dress the most. Images don't do that dress justice. You have to see videos on YouTube to acknowledge the wonderful movement that dress itself has. Flawless, to be quite honest. Colors came in cobalt blue, nude, raspberry red, and green.

 Saab also worked with sheer fabrics, such as lace, and incorporated them into panels. I love the intricate use of the lace on this dress on Kasia. The use of sheer makes the dress quite sexy, but it doesn't border on being vulgar at all. I find that quite captivating.

 This cocktail dress on Magda was superb! Love the bright raspberry red color.
 Simple, timeless closing dress on Daria. It's so minimal, yet it's so chic. I'm not one to usually love lace, but I love Saab's use of it in this collection.
 I also included this photo of Magdalena (who I'm a big fan of) backstage at the show fixing her makeup.
I don't know, but I just have a thing for images of models getting their makeup done backstage. There's just a glamorous aspect of it that I just adore.
Overall, fabulous collection.