Saturday, October 27, 2012


Molly was being a lazy bitch last night. Nonetheless, I had a spectacular, rad time at the Flying Lotus concert. Thank god my friend Sally mentioned it earlier this week otherwise I never would have been able to attend it.
 (Waiting for Sally to pick me up...tsk, tsk)
 (Headband D.I.Y. made from fabric of some old shorts. Fur collared jacket from Cooperative)
Amazing visuals at the concert! It was totally in sync with the music and completely complimented the danceable beats.

(with my gurl Sally)
Towards the end of the show, Steven (Flying Lotus) said he'd go and sign merchandise with his fans. I ended up buying a shirt not because of him signing it, but because I like to collect band t-shirts from every concert I attend. After waiting for about 20 minutes, somebody from his entourage came out and unfortunately spilled the news that Flylo couldn't sign/meet his fans because he was feeling sick. Sigh, bummer. However, I ended up taking a totally badass shirt with the art cover on it from his latest album, so it wasn't so bad.
Now, I'm totally excited for this weekend and the rest of week. I have a party tonight (don't have a clue as to what I'm dressing up as), celebrating Halloween by going to Weho, and then next Saturday is my sister's baby shower and HARD's Day of the Dead (Justice, anyone?). YES!

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