Monday, October 29, 2012

I Could've Met Magdalena Frackowiak (FML Edition)

The idiots at the Dailymail posted these first 2 photos of Magda on the streets of Beverly Hills with the an accompanying article (now deleted according to TFS) titled something along the lines of "Candice Swanepoel shooting for VS in California". Yeah, cause this is clearly Candice

 Idiots. Anyways, the thing that irks me is that they said that Magda (or should I say Candice LOL) was shooting in Rodeo Drive on Sunday and my father works down the street there! Like, I usually tag along with my Dad here and there and especially now since I have no car in order to accompany him and pass time. See, if I tagged along with him on Sunday, I probably, could've, maybe had a chance to have met Magda.
Alas, I found out too late. There are endless of opportunities in the future of this happening, I hope. Now, a letter from Magda to moi that makes more sense now than ever.
*sobbing uncontrollably*. Someone, hand me the fucking vodka. Homegurl right here has some issues to deal with. FML.

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