Saturday, October 6, 2012

OOTD + The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I had to take advantage of the somewhat colder air that's been popping up here and there at night in bright sunny California, so I paired my Zara embellished army jacket with a very nonchalant, relaxed outfit.
 (Outfit: Zara jacket/shirt, Forever 21 jeans, Disneyland souvenir t-shirt, Tods loafers, Windsor nude satchel, and Michael Kors rose gold watch)
I decided that the army jacket itself is a more "trendier" and "special" item, so it would balance out the casualness of the of the rest of the outfit. It added some interest, if you will, to the outfit. I also brought out these gorgeous Tods out, which I happened to miraculously find at a vintage store. $18 for a barely worn pair of good leather shoes? I'm sold.
After attending my school's LGTBA meeting in what seems like centuries of neglecting it, I headed to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower at the Arclight in Hollwood. It was a must. I'm a fan of the book itself and I just needed to see for myself if the film adaptation would live up to the book. To be honest, the the film was superb and I definitely had an obsession with the soundtrack consisting of Sonic Youth, David Bowie, The Smiths, and much more. Ezra Miller's performance was solid. He was funny, captivating, and by far my favorite actor in the film. Emma was breathtaking, as usual, and Logan Lerman did a tremendous job playing Charlie. It's so funny because that's exactly how I envisioned Charlie whilst reading the novel. It was also pretty fantastic seeing Nina Dobrev playing Charlie's sister, who I had no clue she was in the film at all. My only complaint, as a fan, was that I wish they had included the part between Charlie's siblings getting into a huge altercation. Also, the film never included his family finding out about his sister's physical abuse that she endured. Let's not forget the part where his sister goes and gets an abortion and Charlie goes and accompanies her. This altogether would've been impacting in that it would add to the struggle he overall faces. That tragic moment of the abortion and brining together Charlie and his sister would've been fantastic to see on screen. It's one of the key points in the novel that brings those two together.
But enough of me ranting. Overall, the film was fabulous. Anyways, I took this picture of one of Emma's outfits in the film that was on display at the lobby.

Sigh, I'm dying to see the film again. I know Black Swan is probably my number one film, but this sure is a top contender in being one of my favorite, if not my ultimate favorite, films.

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