Friday, October 12, 2012

Valentino Spring/Summer 2013

Favorite looks from the collection:
That tuxedo/bib jumpsuit has to be one of the most chicest things I saw from all of the S/S 2013 collections. It's so effortless and just elegant. There's no doubt that anyone wearing it would look regal. The collection basically consisted of nude, navy blue, white (color of the season), and then red towards the end. I love that they're being consistent with their whole "The Virgin Suicides/collared" look that they've been showcasing for quite a while. As usual, they kept it exciting with the intriguing embellishments and beadwork. I also love that lattice-type technique on that exquisite navy blue, embellished dress on Bette Franke. They kept it very young and chic with those round collars that I'm having some issue finding the right term for. I also thought they did a fantastic new version of those studded heels they do, but this time in a lucite version. I'm not quite sure if they were shining because they included crystals, but I definitely did a double take when I saw them in images. Watch, they're gonna be one of the hottest shoes of the season. They even did trench version of it in plastic with studs. That, for me, was one of the more fun pieces that had the creative buzz to keep me interested while still remaining chic. Overall, I thought Maria and Pier did a fabulous job with this collection and I know that accessories and shoes are vital for a major company to stay afloat, but there must be more to them. I would personally love if they both injected that fun creativity they inject into their accessories into their clothes and perhaps experiment a little. While they're constructed perfectly, made out of some of the finest materials, and are absolutely chic, they could use a bit of experimentation in order to create some buzz. They're becoming a bit predictable and the issue is that I wouldn't be able to distinguish this collection from the past 5 collections. Nonetheless, I would kill for that last evening gown. It's perfection.

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