Friday, November 9, 2012

Katherine's Birthday Dinner!

Celebrated my friend Katherine's birthday last Saturday! I was originally going to not attend it, but fortunately I was able to leave work early and make it on time.
 Not the first time she got something white on white her face ;) LOL just kidding!
 With high school friends Steven, Katherine, and Sally.
 (Outfit : Forever 21 jeans, random navy blue t-shirt, vintage navy blue jacket, and my new Alexander Wang brenda camera bag, which I fucking love and I've been sporting it ever since I got it!)
*On a side-note, I can't believe Katherine and I have the same skin color! Either she's been tanning or that Likas Papaya Soap has been helping lightening my skin. Lawlz.*
Oh, did I mention the cake was inspired by the blue boxes given out when you purchase something at Tiffanys and Co.? So cute! After dinner, we all decided to chill and binge even more at a hookah lounge where they serve come fine, delectable treats. It definitely was a fantastic night to catchup with old friends.

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