Sunday, November 25, 2012

Knockoff Adventures: Valentino Rockstud Tote

Gorgeous bag, no?
What if I told you the bag above isn't actually Valentino's rockstud tote but rather a good knockoff from Forever 21 that retails for a tiny bit above $30? Would you believe me? Yup, the bag above is indeed Forever 21 and a pretty nice knockoff. I was helping customers left and right on black friday a couple of days ago when I spotted a comfortably dress woman sporting the bag above. I commented on how fabulous her "Valentino" bag is and she immediately smirked. She then proceeded towards me and told me it's actually Forever 21 and not Valentino like I had originally thought it was. For a knockoff, it was quite good. The leather looked sturdy, nice, and somewhat luxurious. Plus, the studs looked fantastically placed and had a nice shine to them. They actually didn't look cheap at all, but then again I was not too far from her when I commented on it. Now, I wonder what the folks at Valentino think? What do Maria Grazia and Pier Paolo think? Hmm...

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