Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's All Be Sluts for Halloween

Just kidding! Well, maybe. So what do you do when you're getting ready 2 hours prior a halloween party and haven't be decisive in your decision as to what to be for the evening? You dress up glamorous! If anybody questions what you actually are, just say you're a pretty, rad "hippie". Me below with a ridiculous face (Cara Delevingne pulls them off way better, no?) before the makeup.
(Outfit: H&M faux fur, ombre jacket. Urban Outfitters tie-dye, ying-yang muscle shirt. Headband made from excess fabric I had)

Ta-da! Me with makeup!
 Initially, I was inspired by the eye makeup at the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012 collection picture below.
Obviously, my execution was poor and unfortunately you can't really see it in the second photo that well. FML. So, me and my friends Andrizzle and Marilyn went to my two friends' (cutest lesbian couple FYI) apartment for the fiesta to have a good ol' time. Overall, I had a fantastic time there, but the guys so didn't fucking cut it. There was a total 9-guy (could've been a 10), but the asshole was straight! What the fuck! He's straight, is basically only in underwear (he was a sexy santa with tight undies and a Santa hat)! What a fucking tease. Dear god, I was ready to cut a bitch. It got annoying afterwards. After being there for an hour, I decided to head out to the balcony for a quick cigarette break. Unfortunately, the balcony was quite small which yielded to tight, compact situations with other people smoking. This just led to awkwardness, but alas I couldn't give a fuck 'cause smoking was all that was on my mind. Anyways, so this guy I kind of find annoying walks onto the balcony and just starts grabbing my Alexander Wang brenda bag and starts touching it and analyzing my poor, new baby. Mind you, it was probably about 3 days old. I mean, I doubt he's been up close, let alone has felt, a designer bag, so I'm not quite shocked he was touching it. To make the awkwardness diminish, I asked him how he felt about being the new University's LGBTA club president and how his accomplishments compare to the previous president. The little "diva" had the most pretentious response I've ever encountered. He said "I don't compare myself to others. Only myself." Yikes. I mean, it was so standoffish and snobbish. You had to be there to fully comprehend how horrid it sounded. I just brushed it off and continued smoking. The asshole isn't even that good looking. He looks like a sleazy extra from bear-type of porno. Sigh, whatevs. Ugh, homegurl was probably jealous I was the skinniest, prettiest, most fashionable bitch in the damn building. All he had was a tank top and some fringe-like skirt that had some sort of coins attached to it. Think low-budget belly dancer.
So, that was the Saturday before Halloween. For Halloween night, I wanted to celebrate it, but not be out all night. I heard from a friend that her and mutual friends went trick-or-treating out in Beverly Hills, which I would've appreciated it if they had invited me, but the assholes didn't. It's okay, cause one of the assholes that went with them bailed on me last Halloween and made up some lie about not being able to hang out with me. I found out a couple of months ago she "bailed" on Halloween last year because she instead skanked it up by parting with her stupid sorority friends. Whatever.
So, this year I went to the Hollywood Halloween festival again but with my girl Katie.

 Doesn't Katie look cute?

I don't know if it was because of the lack of alcohol or because we didn't go with a group of friends, but Halloween night was pretty much okay. It wasn't lackluster, but it could've been way better. There's always next year I suppose.

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