Saturday, November 10, 2012

OOTD x Three

Here are some obligatory OOTD images I'm frequently posting on my instagram (FYI: It's @tonyalaniz). About 3 weeks ago, there was a meeting/party at the Gap I work at. The sad thing about this evening was that it was on a Sunday. However, this meant getting to dress up I guess lol. I wanted my outfit to say "I'm dressy, but I can be fierce and move around, gurl". I don't know, see for yourself.
 (Every hot bitch needs starbucks, no? Aldo shoes. Gap super skinny trousers. Marc Jacobs polo shirt. Gap navy blue cardigan. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag)
That night had such a gorgeous moon out.
 About two weeks ago, I went car shopping. The black BMW I had no longer lives *tears*. Idk, I felt going comfortable but somewhat chic that day. I felt like there was an 80s mood in the hair hence why I paired my blazer that has subtle, yet somewhat evident shoulder pads with converse sneakers.
 (Animal print bracelet purchased at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Some random black t-shirt. French Connection blazer. Converse sneakers. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag. Forever 21 skinny jeans)

This outfit is from Thursday before I went in to work. Cold weather has finally arrived! Halleloo!
(Urban Outfitters dark brown sneakers. Forever 21 skinny jeans. Simple blue t-shirt. Cheetah print scarf made by my friend Sally as a gift. Windsor hooded leather jacket. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag. Some gray beanie I found laying around the house)

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