Sunday, December 2, 2012


I've been having a crush lately on model Soo Joo. I mean, that blonde hair and that killer bone structure? Flawless. I just want nothing but the best runway shows and editorials for her. Anyways, in Dazed and Confused's December 2012 issue she did a phenomenal editorial titled "#happyendings". Can we hashtag this as #toofierce and #phenomenalstyling? I'm going a bit cray for the first image. That pink feathered dress with those fierce Blumarine F/W 2012 metallic boots (they're STILL on my Fall/Winter shopping list but unfortunately I'm poor)? Perfection. She's like a lost geisha in Nueva York who's heading to an after party or hoping to find some bad boys along the way. My favorite images ahead!

That last image is so strong. There's the sex appeal and it's visually enticing. Let's all have a moment to appreciate Karen Langley's talented styling skills in this. Bravo!

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