Sunday, December 9, 2012

Theysken's Theory Pre-Fall 2013

Stellar collection from Olivier for Theysken's Theory this season. There's such an ease, nonchalant vibe the collection had. Although they may seem a bit like casual pieces and somewhat basic to the eye, there needs to be a more depth view on how Olivier managed to make these cool, basic pieces have a modernized, urban, luxe twist. Take for example the trousers in this collection. There's a pair of blue skinny jeans with a brocade motif on them. For evening, there are a pair in the final look that are embellished. There also happens to be sheer pants for the more risque and edgier crowd. My favorites have to the be embellished pair and the ones above in the middle, which have a subtle sheen to them that make them wearable for everyday duties while also having an interesting factor. The shoes are nothing new. Olivier has shown chelsea boots and black pumps before, which always look appealing. Some subtle plaid prints, embellishments, sheen, and a dark abstract print thrown in there. Casual-wear with a cool, grunge twist. Favorite looks below:

For the love of god, that last look so has to be mine. Absolutely chic!

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