Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WERQ that Unif Donna Jacket, Gurl!

From yesterday after seeing Django Unchained (SO good!)
(Outfit pictured above: Unif Donna Leopard Biker Coat. The Drums band t-shirt)
Sigh, the oversized jacket sure did cause some pain to my bank account ($130 to be exact, but it was on sale, okay!), but it was so worth it. It's so warm, badass, and adds the extra bit of sassiness to every outfit. I can be wearing all black, referencing The Ramones, and add this jacket and I'd still manage to look quite chic. 
Oh, I hope you're able to tell that I got my left ear pierced. I was cringing about getting it considering I can't handle any amount of pain, but luckily it was tolerable and only lasted a mere 2 seconds. Also, I got some highlights and went for a more ashy look. Unfortunately, it delved into an orange territory. Alas, I was able to fix it for free and the result couldn't be any better. I think, if anything, I'll go and get frosted tips one of these days to get the full look I was eager to get originally. This should suffice for now. 
XOXO, y'all.

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