Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear

Where do I even begin with this collection? It's as if Christopher Kane knows exactly what I want to wear at this exact moment. Lately, I've been sporting oversized sweaters juxtaposed with skinny trousers and my velvet loafers. I'll add a colorful scarf here and here and accessorize the look to "oomph" it up. I love that the collection has a slight goth/punk element in it with the Frankenstein motifs throughout the collection. The velvet and dark color palette with bursts of purple, navy, and leopard is so appealing. There's the use of velvet/3-d textiles that give the collection a luxurious feel to it. Now, it wouldn't be CK without a having a youthful spirit in this, which is evident with those casual sweaters and skinny trousers styled with cool scarves in great prints/colors. It elevates a casual outfit to something more chic. The collection appears youthful, fun, and effortless at that. It's as if Christopher decided to take an inspiration like The Cramps and make it luxurious. Overall, everyone might as well go home now in London. Christopher, imo, has slayed the competition and I want to wear ALL of this. Favorite looks below: 
Cool, effortless, and so strong. Sigh, I'll do anything to own that black sweater with the Frankenstein motif! Ugh, everything is so me!

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