Thursday, January 10, 2013

J.W. Anderson Fall/Winter 2013

Thank god for designers like J.W. Anderson. It's collections like this that bring a breath of fresh air into menswear. Menswear always consists of suits. Suits galore every damn season. Anderson wasn't afraid to play with feminine ideas and silhouettes and thus created such a strong collection. It's not my favorite collection from Anderson only because the color palette seemed a bit lackluster, but that might've been necessary for the feminine pieces to not seem a bit too outlandish than how they appear. Anderson always had amazing color palettes for past menswear collections and I would've loved to have seen that here. Nonetheless, this collection is brilliant! I especially loved the peplum-like shorts that were featured heavily at the beginning. The dot circle sweaters seem like something that will appeal to so many. Those are undeniably cool. I could see myself easily wearing those with jeans and loafers and maybe a collared shirt. If anything, designers should take cues from this to not be afraid to play with femininity and masculinity. Favorite looks below:

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