Thursday, January 10, 2013

Leave Mila Kunis Alone!

Okay, no one should try to pull a Chris Crocker with that title lol. If you haven't heard by now or if you live under a rock, well you've been missing out on the whole drama surrounding Mila's appearances lately. She was named last year (?) hottest woman of the year by some woman-objectifying magazine (of course, it's always those) and was recently named the face of Christian Dior (from what I read, the brand wants Mila to be the representative face of the more younger/youthful fan-base, whereas Marion is catering to the older generation of Dior clients). Now, lately Mila's been facing criticism for her lack of makeup and looking disheveled while doing everyday errands that most human beings do. Rumor has it that Dior isn't quite happy with how Mila isn't channeling Dior ladylike chic every day.
(Mila with Ashton Kutcher shopping in Studio City on January 7th)
Sigh, poor Mila. Why are people criticizing her for looking like how she does above? She's at no red carpet appearance and is on her time off. Like someone on TFS mention, Mila seems like the type that doesn't bridge her job and the glamorous lifestyle with her everyday life. For her, it's just a job. Nothing more than that and while she's not on her job, she'll dress however she wants to. I mean, that's the impression I get from her and makes me like her even more. Let her live her life how she pleases. Yes, she's the face of Dior and was named the sexiest woman in the world, but that shouldn't justify why she's getting so much criticism. There's a time for work and a time for personal bliss, you know? Oh, and another thing that irks me is that no one is criticizing Ashton above. 
Ugh, sexism at it's finest.

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